Eunoia II

Lisa Park

27 May 2014


Video of the interactive installation and action with commercial brainwave headphones, 48 speakers, cables, 48 aluminium plates, water, computer (MaxMSP, Emotiv EPOC software).

The action video and interactive installation shows human emotions and invisible physiological changes, converted into watery and sonorous vibrations. The work uses a brainwave sensor to visualise and convert the artist’s biological signals into music, thus transforming them into creative tools. The brain data recorded in real time is used to generate and modulate water and sound waves.

The installation is composed of 48 loudspeakers and aluminium plates, each filled with water.

The design of Eunoia II was inspired by a Buddhist symbol meaning “balance”. The motif of the number 48 comes from Spinoza’s ‘Ethics’ (Chapter III), which classifies 48 human emotions into the three categories of desire, pleasure and pain. In this performance, water becomes a mirror of the artist’s inner state, physically expressing the performer’s current states.

During the performance, the sensor (Emotiv EPOC) continuously transmits the different mental values detected (frustration, meditation, boredom, engagement and enthusiasm). This data modulates the speed, panning and volume of the recorded sound. Their intensity results in a vigorous vibration of the water, which corresponds to the different brainwave frequencies.