Entre temps

Ana Vaz

24 September 2012

Video, 11′

A documentary on 20th century modernist housing, where the camera pans across blocks of perfect edges that normalise all urban experience, tall buildings contrary to any human scale that, irremediably, take us back to places we have already walked through: it could be any place and, at the same time, none in particular. A girl walks disorientated between parked cars in this city that is none and all at the same time. Her lines of flight always return us to the same place: walking in circles trying to fix the territory on a map that will never be a tracing or a mimetic space, only a figuration.

Between the fixative force of memory and the poetic and treacherous reverie of the imagination, the spectator develops, in the face of recurring images of streets, cities and buildings, the capacity to remember and to wander through his dreams and nightmares.