Emotional Rescue

Noemí Iglesias Barrios

2 May 2018


Noemí Iglesias has experimented with 3D printing to create these sculptures. The membranous layering of horizontally superimposed threads that make up the objects produced by this printing system allows the artist to work with the concepts of bonding and emotional structure that the work deals with.

It is said that when the lotus flower is cut, filaments appear connecting the two parts. In Asian culture, this is a symbol of emotional relationships in which, even after breaking up, a bond of connection between the two people remains. Similar to fascia, the tissue that lines, envelops and connects the deep structures of the body making small physiological movements like the beating of the heart possible.

Don’t you know that promises were never made to be kept?
Like the night, dissuade yourself in the dream.
I will come to your emotional rescue
I will come to your emotional rescue

Emotional Rescue, The Rolling Stones, 1980