El tenista


17 March 2006


ZEMOS98 in this video uses the image of a tennis videogame as a metaphor of reality. The information society imposes vital dynamics that leave no time for thinking; the time lapse between an event and the searches for news on it is down to a bare minimum, and there is very little room for understanding reality.

Thinkers like Eduardo González and Castells, with their ideas on timeless time, are actively engaged in studying these concerns. And despite being ahead in the game, the player-narrator feels that things are not going so well and wonders about his existence. The playful metaphor of Winner and Loser seems like an evident product of the current crisis of the political-social model of competition in which we live at the moment. The videogame image of a tennis match is accompanied by a fairly straightforward text: “I used to be a tennis player and I had won many matches, but none as strange as that one, and the thing is that, even though I was winning, there was something wrong. I didn’t feel like myself. Why was I moving like that? I suppose that I reassured myself by thinking that I was trying to do it well, trying to make an effort, trying to win, trying to be me. But things do not always turn out as you would want them to, and just when you believe that everything is going well, things start to go wrong and you discover that you don’t even know why you are here, you don’t even know who the fuck you are”.