El fracaso de la inteligencia

Cristina Busto

1 March 2014

Stop motion, 13’1’’

Despite its outwardly naïf and likeable appearance, this stop motion short serves to channel more personal stories in which the narrative functions as an antidote to traumatic experience.

Throughout her practice Cristina Busto (Avilés, 1976) has always lent particular attention to this kind of visual strategy that, while removed from grandstanding effects and big budgets, operates via a brut and DIY aesthetic. At once, this freedom enables the artist to develop a highly personal style underpinned by a clearly tragic sense of humour and love.

Speaking strictly in first person, El fracaso de la inteligencia (The Failure of Intelligence)wrestles with the need to deal with a non-spectacular everyday form of abjection. Here, animation plays a key role in capturing in images a truth that transcends time and space.

Written and directed: Cristina Busto
Animation, backgrounds and edition: Cristina Busto
Music: Angela Cory, Rik Van Hegen, Emanuel Haab, Paclo Rega, Colmena
Acknowledgements: Luisa Vivanco, Aurora Rodríguez, Jorge Rodríguez, La Rara, La Finolis