ecoLAB. Lines of work

Rubén Suárez, Lorena Lozano, Cristina Ferrández, Javi Palacios & Susanna Tesconi

21 July 2012

Laboratory for experimentation in ecology, art and open electronics.

ecoLAB aims to generate subjectivities and dynamics of relationship with the biosphere and its ecosystems, through the implementation of eco-technologies (high and low-tech).

It functions as a knowledge node in which an interdisciplinary working group investigates the different ecological, social and technological challenges facing today’s society, carrying out training, research and production work.

ecoLAB is part of a local, national and international context (Asturias, Euskadi, Galicia, Catalonia, Italy and Portugal) with a group of individuals and collectives that develop their activity in similar directions and share information, methods and techniques.

The group meets on the last Saturday of every month. The sessions are open, the work in the garden starts at 11:00 and the afternoon session at 16:00. For more informació

Projects 2012


Signage and design of basic furniture with the premises of low cost and easy installation and recycling pre-existing materials, seeking autonomy in the use of energy and optimal integration of ecological, economic and social needs of the system. Coordinated by Rubén Fernández of Huerta Guerrilla and Javier Palacios of Cova Dos Ratos. Collaborating Architects PEZ estudio (Asturias), FabLAB.


Interpretation of garden data taken from the weather station in the form of musical and sound abstractions, a new way of understanding the sound of nature. Collaboration of Paula Pin who works on the use of sound as a way of understanding space, climatic conditions, plants. A call for collaboration will be opened soon.


Design, planning and preparation of the group’s lunches at each meeting, researching and documenting intercultural connections, ways of transmitting knowledge and changes in eating habits related to technological advances in the information society. With the collaboration of Melania Fraga, Iwona Pakula, Patricia Vergara and Ignacio Arévalo.

Working spaces

South courtyard, non-garden
A physical experimentation site of 1000 m2 in which experiments in eco-technologies and urban agriculture models have been set up: cultivation terraces, a rainwater collection system for irrigation, a simple composting system and an electronic irrigation system.

It also has a weather station with sensors for temperature, light, humidity, wind speed, etc. and a biodiversity inventory, as well as a wild garden.

ecoLAB studio
New workspace, meeting, visualisation, documentation, consultation and relational space. It remains open on the last Saturday of each month and on special occasions for the visualisation of work in progress.

Coordination of the project
Rubén Suárez of the Asturian collective Huerta Guerrilla and ideologist of the original project.

Lorena Lozano, collaborates in environmental and community regeneration projects, as well as territorial and landscape interpretation and the use of public spaces.

Javier Palacios, marine biologist and IT specialist, from the Cova dos Ratos in Vigo.

Interdisciplinary team
Landscape Agency, projects and studies on the landscape of Asturias.

Colectivo Pez Studio-Zoohaus, collective of architects and economists, development of urban planning, architecture and design projects.

Cristina Ferrández, visual artist, develops visual projects around the landscape and the value of the territory.

Gaia y Sofía, environmental consultancy, Arriondas.

Hernani Dias, graphic designer, collaborator of the project Re: Farm the City of urban gardens and digital media.

Ignacio Arévalo, food anthropologist and cook.

Susanna Tesconi, interaction designer and educator in the field of nature and electronics.



Atlantic Botanical Garden, Gijón

Architects PEZ Estudio

Museum of the Pueblu d`Asturies, Gijón

ESAPA-Escuela Superior de Arte del Principado de Asturias, Avilés

Activity subsidised by the Consejería de Cultura y Deporte of the Government of the Principality of Asturias