Drowning Prosperously

Paolo Cirio

23 July 2010

Mixed media

Drowning Prosperously is a participative cross-media storytelling; a proper story that is told by actors and narrative devices staged over the Internet and in public spaces of few selected New York City neighbourhoods. The genre and the type of art are theorized by the artist as “Recombinant Fiction”, a political and participative form of cross-media fiction. 
Social media is a powerful technology to create storytelling and have the participation of the audience in it. The digital media allow to translate digital realities on the public space and vice versa, it can be done by materialize and virtualizes elements of perception of the ordinary life. Nowadays networked digital media merge as a productive vehicle to create new forms of fiction. Recombinant Fiction emerges as a political and aesthetic fiction genre of this new immersive and participative form of art. By identifying valuable, distinctive characteristics and objectives, Recombinant Fiction defines a unique genre able to drive tactical activism and dramatic purposes.