Dossier: La Ventana de la Escisión

Enrique Radigales

16 March 2008


Enrique Radigales takes a deeper look at one of his abiding concerns: the tension between the digital image and the material world, creating an original work open to manifold readings.

The piece is composed of a central corpus and two annexes. From the beginning, a simple performative gesture expresses its intentions to perfection. After exploring the webpage with a mouse and cursor, he prints one of the digital drawings and then folds it into a paper airplane. Its innocent flight, crossing the room and through the open window is a declaration of intent and of discourse.

Following this initial act we are introduced into a video in which there are continual contrasts between two worlds ─the physical and the digital─ that collide, are confused together and feed off one another. The artist reflects on “Alberti’s window”, and looks at these two-way cross-contaminations, comparing them with those produced between painting and reality throughout the History of Art.