Digital Audio Workshop: introduction to digital audio processing (DSP) with ixiQuarks

15th to 19th december 2008

Taller Audio: procesamiento de audio digital (DSP) con ixiQuarks

Basic concepts of real-time digital audio will be explored on a theoretical as well as a practical level using the free software ixiQuarks ( The workshop is open to people with a basic introduction level to ixiQuarks and more advanced users that want to deepen their understanding of more advanced concepts of audio synthesis and Supercollider. The workshop will cover the topics of acoustics and digital signal processing through creative exercises, musical explorations and discussions of the computer’s nature in contemporary composition.

Time: from 4 to 9 pm
Registration: 55 €
Targeting: Basic familiarity with sound and music programming would be of help in order to get the most out of the workshop. ixiQuarks works mainly on the Mac but we also have a test version for Windows and Linux. Therefore, people with any sort of operating system can participate