Des nuages aux fêlures de la terre

Philippe Cote

30 March 2007

Super 8 transferred to HD. 18’

With over 20 films produced since 1998, Philippe Cote (France, 1965) has shown his films in numerous festivals both in France and abroad. He is also a member of the ETNA cooperative, an experimental craftsmanship and filmmaking workshop founded in 1997 with an educational and dissemination mission.

His filmmaking, that could be defined as documentary with a poetic touch, is distinguished by a radical approach in terms of working with the sensitive information provided by reality, using techniques ranging from filmmaking without camera to painted film that focus on the play of materials, light and colour.

This piece shows the interest of the author for building spaces starting from other spaces, like a set in abyss, where impressions become plastic and extremely subjective.