Demografía del dolor, poética cruel (1)

Paco Nadie

Until 2 September 2014

2012-2014. Video, colour, text and sound. 8’ 28’’

Every three seconds a person tries to commit suicide somewhere in the world and every forty seconds someone succeeds. Suicide is the second cause of death among young people and is now the first external cause of death in Spain. In addition, the taboo surrounding suicide means that all cases to not come to light. In the media, it is argued that suicides are silenced in fear of causing a copycat effect.

Echoing this deliberate omission within the public sphere, Paco Nadie tells a story about the disappearance of the body from its very absence. In this way, ellipsis is constructed from a concealment of a human figure transformed into form, into geometry. The colour red acts as the vehicle for a metonymy which, in truth, is more than literal: flesh.