FABRICA & Andy Huntington

25 July 2004

Sound sculptures. Variable dimensions

The world in which we live is an achingly and wondrously complex place. Cylinder grew from a desire to represent some of that complexity in a designed object. It is, to put it simply, a sound to object translator. By delegating the task of detail creation to circumstance, to an interpretation of sound at a particular moment in time, Cylinder allows the production of a curious level of complexity combined with structural abstraction.
Digital “snapshots” of the sound are taken and divided into frequency bands, which are represented in 360 degrees. These snapshots are stacked one atop the other to create a virtual tri-dimensional object. This virtual object is then actualised in the real world using rapid prototype technology. The resulting object is a permanent and tangible interpretation of the original sound; a static expression of the richness and detail inherent in even the simplest of sounds. This notion of allowing computers or other processes a degree of control over particulars has tremendous potential for the production of truly complex design.