Cristina Busto. Generadores de sombras

1st june – 17th september 2012

1 June 2012 – 17 September 2012

Fortunately, the sun rises every day

Generadores de sombras [Shadow generators] is a project consisting of the creation of a film set within the exhibition hall, with the purpose of making a live video show in a long take. Later, after a screening of the visuals, the set will remain on exhibit within the space. A critical element for the artist is that the public feel directly involved in the work, that they become part of it, both physically and conceptually, and that things happen around them. A live show could not exist without a participating public.

In Cristina Busto’s work, one can begin to see a recurrence of the idea of travel as movement, and movement as freedom. Images of travel, landscapes that pass before our eyes, the interpretations, thoughts and constantly changing light that cuts out the trees against the sky and transforms windows into mirrors.

At the current moment, Cristina Busto is working with live video, to which she adds shadows (among other techniques) as a direct projection. That said, it is always sustained by the question: What is the meaning of life? The answers are infinite, ranging from it has no meaning to we are shadow generators. Unless there is no light, but, fortunately, the sun rises every day.

On the opening day, at 8.30 pm, a live visuals session will take place a the exhibition room.

Sound: Daniel Romero
Technical Asisstance: Marta Blanco, Luján Marcos, Alfonso Oblanca, Pelayo Rodríguez

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