Justine Emard

22 May 2017

Video installation

This work has been conceived as an experience and created from an artistic interface that mediates between data and human movement. In the video, we see how Mirai Moriyama, a Japanese actor and dancer, interacts face to face with a robot that is animated by a form of primitive intelligence (AI). It is based on a neuronal system, with artificial life, which embodies a different, non-anthropomorphic way of understanding things and makes its own decisions.

This work focuses on unstructured spontaneous communication between the two entities. Man and machine interact through signals, body language, and speech, with their different intelligences.

Using a deep learning algorithmic system, the robot learns from its experience with the actor.

The humanoid incarnation of AI was created by Ishiguro Lab (Osaka University). Its appearance allows for emotional bonding and opens a space of a certain affection to the imagination.  Through experience, the human and the robot attempt to define new perspectives of coexistence in the world.

With Mirai Moriyama & Alter, a robot developed by Ishiguro Lab, Osaka University and Ikegami Lab, Tokyo University