Camille & Ulysse

Diana Toucedo

18 June 2021

Audiovisual, 46 min.

This film can be seen as a filmic experiment between fiction and philosophy. Thinkers Vinciane Despret and Donna Haraway join their voices through two fables – “Stories of Camille” and “Autobiography of an Octopus” – to speculate on a future in which human communities, the Compost Communities, merge symbiotically with threatened or endangered species. One is the Monarch butterflies whose migratory routes from Canada to Mexico are at risk from the depletion of their food plant, the milkweed. The others are the octopuses which, in this future scenario, would have become scarce due to overfishing and deteriorating water quality. The film chronicles the changing lives of these trans-species families and the development of therolinguistics, an emerging field of knowledge (invented by science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin) devoted to the study of animal languages. Filmed by filmmaker Diana Toucedo as an exchange of correspondence, the work also shows the existence of another form of life: enigmatic creatures of artificial intelligence that interact with these symbiotic ecosystems.