Cameras on Sticks

Joe Pipal

26 August 2012

A project by Joe Pipal for Trastienda

Joe Pipal’s platforms are attempts to combine the physical action of the person making the film with the narrative of the image, through some kind of low-budget integral effect built into the apparatus.

These are either easily produced ideas or simple ad-hoc assemblages using existing objects.

This becomes the Cameras on Sticks workshop, which encourages accessibility to cinematography and investigates the tools and techniques used in its manufacture.

The workshop encourages experimentation and critical debate on production techniques, special effects, composition, soundtracks and how to generate low-budget alternatives or without the use of post-production.

Today, digital cameras, smart phones and internet video sharing platforms allow everyone to shoot, edit, distribute and screen their own films.

Initial workshops for the development of the project were held with students from Acland Burghley College in London, supported by OutReachRCA.