Book launch: Máquinas rebeldes

2 July 2024

Máquinas rebeldes collects texts by José Pérez de Lama, member of the experimental architecture group, published between 1999 and 2017. The texts deal with architecture, city and digitalization and are organized in three phases: punk years, years of enthusiasm and years of melancholy. During the first half of this period, important struggles took place over the definition of what the Internet would become. Social movements and some institutions defended a free, open, cooperative and more private Internet. These were years of high hopes. Says McKenzie Wark, “While some battles were won, the war was lost. Which is not to say that the story is not worth remembering.” Perez de Lama tells this story from the perspective of, whose contribution to the movement centered on the emergence of digital habitations – the world we now have, which ended up being designed, not by activists, artists and architects as the social movements intended, but by what are often called the big tech corporations.

Title: MÁQUINAS REBELDES. On architecture, city and digital world

Author of the text: José Pérez de Lama Halcón

Prologue by Pablo de Soto and Epilogue by Nomad Garden

Languages: Spanish
Publisher: Recolectores Urbanos Editorial
Collection: [TXT] textos 010
ISBN: 978-84-128092-2-0

Number of pages: 216
Dimensions: 170×210 mm
Cover: Soft
Place and date of publication: Málaga May 2024