Bodies X-XV

Lito Kattou

25 October 2022


Aluminum, steel, acrylic paint, nickel plated electroformed copper 210 x 136.3 x 3 cm (Body XII); 206 x 144 x 3 cm (Body XIII); 206 x 149 x 3 cm (Body XV) Commissioned by Onassis Stegi for “Weather Engines” (2022)

The installation “Bodies X-XV” consists of hybrid aluminium figures that resemble solemn correspondents and wanderers at the same time. Continuing her series of works “Bodies”, the artist develops a group of two-dimensional sculptures related to the warm climate of the Mediterranean. Structured from an assemblage of human, technological and natural parts, the figures emerge as environmental beings. Although they cannot be identified with known characters or myths, the drawings and images on their epidermis reveal their geographical origins. The fire element traced on the bodies implies that they have departed from turbulent places, hold memories of incidents of forest fires or are able to heal affected places and traumas. These anthropomorphic but also eerie bodies are accompanied by elements that the artist collected in Mediterranean regions; elements such as thorns and baskets have a physical memory of loss and ecological destruction, but also a reality that the bodies captured in motion oppose.