Blanca G. Gomila

Artist and art mediator

She was born in Madrid in 1981. Resides in Oviedo

Artist and art mediator, Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Master “Art in context” at the Universidad de Arte de Berlín (UdK).

Lives and works in Asturias, where she received the Premio Astragal 2011 and in Berlin, where he studied and worked in the field of art mediation giving workshops with adolescents and other social minority groups. She works closely with the cultural space Brotfabrik where she has worked as an artist (Flying to Nowhere, 2010) and has made notable curate works by the presence of national young artists in the international area (Against egocentricity, 2009).

He enjoyed two years of university exchange in the Kassel University in 2007 and 2008 which was active in the art scene, organizing exhibitions in alternative scene of the city (Stellwerk, 2007). That same year she was invited as a resident artist at the festival of contemporary art in Bulgaria held in Barna (Product 2007).