Beyond Human Perception

María Castellanos & Alberto Valverde

16 May 2020

Installation. Documentation of the concert for humans and plants and display of the collected data

Beyond Human Perception is a work that explores the reactions between humans and plants and the response of both living beings to a common stimulus: live music.

During a recent experiment, conducted at OsloMet University, in the context of the FELT Project -Futures of Living Technologies-, the artists observed synchronized reactions between plants and humans when they interacted.

We know plants are living beings that are very sensitive to what is happening around them and that they react at different frequencies present in nature.

In this piece, the artists perform an experiment in which plants and humans are invited to listen to live music in the same place. By measuring and recording human brain waves and the electrical vibrations of plants, the artists explore the relationships between sound stimuli and the physical reactions of both organisms.

By comparing human and plant reactions, María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde create a bridge that brings us closer to the plant world, an unknown territory that is not so different from our own.