Benthic Terrazzo


15 October 2022


Cement, seashells, marble and granite, marine plastic waste and drifted plastic 500 x 50 cm Produced by Onassis Stegi as part of the Studiotopia project which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of European Union. Scientific consultant: Markos Digenis, marine biologist. Equipment/material support: Blue Cycle network

A large amount of plastic used in everyday life ends up in the oceans and seas, where it breaks down into smaller pieces. Microplastics affect marine species, interfere with the flow of carbon in the ocean and thus contribute to climate change. The artists wandered along the seashore and collected plastic waste to find new uses. “Benthic Terrazzo” is a series of pavements, prototypes of a customised technique based on traditional Venetian terrazzo. The proposed technique incorporates oceanic pollutants such as plastic objects, microplastics, nets and ropes to replace some of the concrete and sand mixture that is commonly used. By building associations between sea caves and human homes, the project addresses a call to rethink the habits and costs of everyday life.