Ay pena

Elisa Cepedal

3 April 2012

16mm transferred HD, 19’55”

Going back to the same place is totally impossible. With the passing oftime the world inevitably changes. And so, people we once knew becomestrangers to us, and the places we were familiar with become new. And this istrue even if it seems that the clock grinds to a halt and in our absence thingshave remained the same. Similarly to one of John Ford’s westerns, when wecross the threshold of our home it is impossible to go back through the samedoor and feel that we have returned to the point at which we left it. Even thoughthey might seem to be synonymous, homesickness and nostalgia are notnecessarily the same thing: in our mind, all landscapes recall or bring to mindanother one that, in fact, is never the same.