Avilés Bilbao

Aida Valdes

7 June 2021

Oil and acrylic on canvas (133 x 102 cm.) / Oil and acrylic on canvas (116 x 89 cm.) / Photographs (13 x 9 cm.)


Steadfast in her decision, she felt like the signs warning NEWLY PAINTED which, as she progresses, reveal the falseness of her statement.(1)

The artist uses the image, both pictorial and photographic, as a tool to approach her surroundings.

On the one hand, the landscape of two places between which she habitually moves: Avilés and Bilbao, which she takes as her initial motif and conceals through her own pictorial transformation.

On the other, the family archive photographs composed in the form of collages and worked from the scanner; juxtaposed images of common paradises.

Both are in dialogue in this proposal that brings together the reflections arising from his artistic residency in the summer months of 2021 at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

EUBA, Jon Mikel (2021) Vulnerario (1st ed.) Caniche Editorial. 1