Robertina Šebjanič & Gjino Šutić

9 May 2018

aqua_forensic illuminates the invisible “monsters” present in the waters, residues of chemical pollutants (pharmaceutical) that come from human consumption.
The project combines art/science/citizen science in a “hunt for a phantom”. It opens the discussion about our solidarity and empathy with waters beyond human perception. The vast complexity of this liquid ecosystem, that covers more than 70% of the planet, producing over 80% of the atmospheric oxygen, is still mysterious. With pollution we change the oceans inside out – influencing life and behavior of the whole loop of the interconnected ecosystem. Anthropogenic presence is now present in every part of the water habitats. It is the result of our global socio-technological system and its (geo)political, economic interest in worlds water’s – from the shallow waters on the coastal lines to the deepest points in the oceans. The core results of the project are in vitro experiments of microorganisms dying in the 20.000 times weaker solution of pharmaceuticals, than the one average human dose. It shows what kind of impact we do have towards the water habitats and its life (from micro to macro levels).
aqua_forensic it’s a voyage into the relationship between the microbial seas and humans who are aquaforming the water habitats all around the planet.

The question is: How do the
oceans feel our impact?