Andreas Fogarasi


Born in Viena, 1977

He lives and works in his hometown of Vienna. His is one of the most promising young artists of the moment and despite his relative youth he has already worked on view in many high profile events. In 2007 he represented Hungary at the Venice Biennale (winning the Golden Lion for the best pavilion), took part at the Manifesta biennial in 2004, in Frankfurt, and last year had one of his typical “boxes” on show at Unlimited in Art Basel. Reminiscent of minimalist sculpture, these modular architectures for viewing videos also serve as theatres or cinemas. His boxes are a device to situate the spectator in an unambiguous position in front of the work and to eschew something so common in documentary images: that the spectator becomes distracted and disconnects from what she is seeing, in other words, that she starts looking elsewhere. Fogarasi studied architecture, hence the interest in connecting image and space to be seen in all his works. Fogarasi’s work examines the contemporary city, the architecture and city planning that sustain it and its social and economic connotations they hold.