Anagram (Orgic Clouds, Litho Droughts)

Petros Moris

18 October 2022


Marble on aluminum honeycomb panel 250 x 150 x 5 cm Commissioned by Onassis Stegi for “Weather Engines” (2022) Courtesy of Dimitris Passas Collection

“Anagram (Organic Clouds, Lithological Droughts)” is an inlaid marble sculpture created as an apotropaic dedication to the Earth’s ever-evolving extreme weather phenomena. Floods and droughts – increasingly intense and frequent – are captured in a two-part anagram poem and analysed together as destructive effects of climate change, deforestation and human intervention. The letters of the poem are cut with the help of a CNC water jet and move across the surface, altering the natural pattern of the stone. The surface of the Euboean marble, widely used in the city of Athens, resembles a cloudy sky and is at the same time a visual codification of the slow geological processes of the planet. As a metamorphic rock, it was formed by the high temperature and pressure of the earth’s crust. “Anagram” considers geology, climate and civilisation as an integrated network that entangles inorganic matter, biological processes and cultural codes into a common “Earth System”.