Laura Huertas Millán

19 September 2012

Video, 20′

Maps order and reify otherness. They arrange its exact position and, furthermore, give it a name that, in reality, is not its own. Exoticism, in this sense, would be nothing more than a satirical appropriation of what is different, of what is not us.

Laura Huertas Millán plays here at deforming reality by means of a dystopia constructed by means of virtuality. The architectural ruins of the dream of reason, of modernity, of functionalism, in the middle of the Colombian Amazon, like a Brasilia after the apocalypse, speak of a time that is excessive in its impetus and its unfolding beyond history and space. Exuberant nature, although also in danger, turned into a fetish, threatens to devour the last vestiges of the misnamed civilisation, returning us to the violent character of our existence as a human community.