A Pretty Moist Shelter

Alicia de la Fuente de los Ángeles (Delas Delos)

11 June 2021

Installation, variable dimensions

In this project we find different elements that, according to their characteristics, are related to three main themes: protection/shelter, food/offering and play/ritual.

Each one, independently or in coexistence, appears repetitively and acts as a semantic field to compose a narrative about the urgent human search for calm and rest in times of metamodernity.

The installation seeks to situate us at one of the possible thresholds where the sacred and the profane converge today, where new religiosities, sensibilities and belief systems – in which play and magic are often one and the same – are replete with an intense nostalgia for a time and place perhaps only imagined.

The different structures transport us into a perceptual trap; into the plausible simulation of a childhood memory, which could well be collective, inviting us to enter a transitional state where the cute, at the same time, becomes disturbing.