A noite é necesaria

Marcos M. Merino

1 April 2014

HD Video, 4’ 44’’

Hay homes cheos de sombra
homes a contralús
que che fan ver a Deus
como unha mar de lus.

A Noite é necesaria

pra que ti poidas ver

sobre medo i o mal

as estelas arder.

Xosé María Díaz Castro. Nimbos, 1961

Part of the project promoted by the Acto de Primavera blog, A noite é necesaria is inspired by the poem of the same name and records variations of light, shadows and colours. The moving image appears to be the perfect tool to portray changes in the landscape by adding the factor of time to depiction which frequently portrays a reality that is not what our eyes usually perceive. As in the case at hand, it is then when the lyrical function enters into play, producing a succession of fantastic experiences. A romantic vision of the world which cinema has nothing but strengthened thanks to its ability to lend ghosts a body.