A Necessary Music

Beatrice Gibson

14 February 2008

HD video, 28′

A collaborative piece between the artist and the composer Alex Waterman, A Necessary Music is a sci-fi film that calls into question the modernism of some forms of architecture and urban planning used in social housing. Redolent of Robert Ashley’s video operas, the film explores the social imaginary of a landscape rife with utopian echoes through the voices of the people living there. Indeed, the film’s authors and actors are the inhabitants of Roosevelt Island, New York, who were ultimately the authors of part of the script that also includes references to Adolfo Bioy Casares’ novel The Invention of Morel. Realism and fantasy play an equal part in a result that, though initially conceived as an ethnographical documentary, ended up taking on a fictional form against the backdrop of an exploration of the mechanics of self-representation.

Courtesy: the artist and LUX