1912-2012 La mirada inacabada

Noé Baranda

2 August 2012

Photographic installation

Authors: Noé Baranda with Miguel Rojo Borbolla, Modesto Montoto, Fritz Krüger, Eladio Begega, Valentín Vega, Ruiz Tilve, José Ramón Lueje, Joaquín García Cuesta, Juan Evangelista Canellada and  José Luis Ferrero

During his artist-in-residency at Museu del Pueblu d’Asturies, Noé Baranda decided to create a series of diptychs contrasting present-day photographs he took himself with old photos found in the archives. This correspondence was the starting point for his examination of the social and economic development of the region, as well as its cultural changes, building bridges and creating synergies and tensions between the values seen in the old images and the contemporary way of life in Asturias today.
These images have no intention of evoking the past, but to awaken our memories. And though they do not travel back into the past, nor do they lose sight of history: they reveal how we are connected with history today and its impact on our everyday life. What these photographs show is the moment when history, reaching us from the depths of the past, collides with the surface of the present, becoming a stain on the wall.
Noé Baranda also reflects on his past and origins, concerned with an analysis of his own persona in search of the cultural heritage passed down to him by his ancestors.