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Pablo Valbuena
Born in Madrid in 1978. Lives and works between Madrid and Toulouse (France)
Mediateca expandida: Habitar
Habitar is a walk through new emerging scenarios in the city. It is a catalogue of ideas and images from artists, design and architecture studios, and hybrid ...
Visualizing Lisbon’s Traffic (2010)
by Pedro Miguel Cruz Supervision: Penousal Machado and João Bicker Made with Processing Master thesis at University of Coimbra / FBA, CityMotion Project – MIT ...
Pedro Miguel Cruz
Pedro Miguel Cruz (PT) is a contemporary artist.
Real Time Rome (2006)
Combination of different datasets in a single interface: real-time data, GIS data and raster images.
Current City (2009)
By Aaron Koblin. Created with Processing + Java and OpenGL
LABO_In the Air (2008-2010)
Web application in Processing+Java, stereolithography, prints on paper.
Nerea Calvillo
(Madrid, 1973)
Timo Arnall
Timo Arnall (No) is a designer and researcher working with interactive products, media and emerging technologies.
An Apparatus for Capturing Other Points of View (2009)
7.5 metre pole with 2 wide field of view cameras, post-processing software using Max/ MSP+Jitter, Processing and Adobe After Effects
Julian Bleecker
Julian Bleecker is a designer, technologist and researcher at the Design Strategic Projects studio at Nokia Design in Los Angeles and the Near Future ...
The World’s Eyes (2009)
Software, video-projection (Carlo Ratti, Assaf Bidermann, Fabien Girardin, David Lu, Andrea Vaccari)
Locutorio Colón (2005-2006)
Installation and data viewing
kawamura-ganjavian is an architecture and design studio established in 2000 by Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian.
Mark Shepard
Mark Shepard (USA) is an artist, architect and researcher whose work addresses new social spaces and signifying structures of contemporary network cultures.
Fab Lab Solar House (2009-2010)
Fab Lab Solar House is the first completely self-sufficient solar house in Barcelona. Built with wood and measuring 70 square metres it is designed to be ...
Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Cataluña (Spain)
Arquitectura meteorológica (2010)
Paper on boards, computer
Mutant Bridges (2010)
Video, 16:9, HD, 3-6’ Scale models, size and media variable
Ángel Borrego
Ángel Borrego has a PhD in Architecture from the ETSAM (School of Architecture of Madrid) and a M.Arch from Princeton University, where he studied with a ...
UrbanLabs (2008)
UrbanLabs collaborates in the definition of its working methodologies with Platoniq, an international organisation of cultural producers and software ...
UrbanLabs es impulsado desde Citilab-Cornellà, un centro para la innovación social y digital que explora y difunde el impacto digital en el pensamiento ...
BCNoids (2008)
Technology VVVV and web
Raquel Gallego
Architect of the exhibitions 'Ayudas a la Producción. 2009' and 'Noches eléctricas'