Spatial design: Nowhere/Now/Here

By Patricia Urquiola & Martino Berghinz

The Exhibition is a forest that contains ideas, through which the visitor “looses” or “finds” her/his path in a chosen or instinctive way. A “mental adventure” in a space that physically reflects the new liberated relationship between art, design and the individual. This environment is developed by superimposing materials that are taken from various contexts and have been re-defined. Poor, ready-made materials such as Swedish army nets or industrial adhesive tapes working together in a hexagonal composition that through its diverse height and lengths creates a dynamic space that can easily be multiplied. The graphic on the floor leads the visitors along all parts of the installation. Nowhere/Now/Here invites everyone to make their own interpretation of the space and relate with it in a fresh new context.

Nowhere/Now/Here Oct 09, 2008

Investigating new lines of enquiry in contemporary design

Patricia Urquiola

Designer of the exhibition Nowhere/Now/Here

Exhibition identity and catalogue design

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