Spatial design: Playware

Created by Leeser Architecture

For the “Expansion Pack” in this exhibition highlighting the conflation of boundaries between video gaming and game based artwork with the world around us, the exhibition environment, which in itself obfuscates these boundaries, is transformed. Like the video game industry analogue the Expansion Pack, this gamescape receives an add-on to its pre-existing storyline. Navigation within the virtually edgeless and depthless space of Gameworld is still the primary objective. This navigation is utterly altered from the initially fuzzy blue world. The environment is designed ready to morph as it progresses through a series of temporal levels. Orange now claims portions of the vast blue expanse and signifies the Expansion Pack.

Arquitectura Leeser 1.jpg


Many of the 3 dimensional modules of Gameworld have been replaced by discreet game objects, requiring a full range of body motions, physical exertions, and tactile experiences. These objects require largely 2 dimensional exhibition space of the wall or floor. The remaining modules have been reprogrammed with new games. The modules and play zones have been adjusted to the color orange. Islands of the Expansion Pack emerge within the blue. The optical oscillation between the two vibrant colors animates the space, and like its oscillation between virtual reality and real virtuality, heightens that very peculiar quality of Gameworld, its failure to come into focus.Arquitectura Leeser 2.jpg

Spatial design: Feedback

Created by Leeser Architecture

Credits: Playware

Credits of the exhibition: Playware.

Spatial design: Emergentes

Created by Fernando Muñoz y Sergio Sebastián arquitectos

Spatial design: Gameworld

Created by Leeser Architecture

Spatial design: Homo Ludens Ludens

By: Nerea Calvillo (C+arquitectos)

Spatial design: Nowhere/Now/Here

By Patricia Urquiola & Martino Berghinz

Mediateca Expandida. Arcadia Oct 01, 2009

Games from a culture of innovation

Spatial design: Feedforward. The Angel of History

Created by Ángel Borrego - Office for Strategic Spaces

LABoral presents fabLAB Asturias at Motiva 2013 this Wednesday 24 April LABoral presents fabLAB Asturias at Motiva 2013 this Wednesday 24 April

As part of the Jornadas de Diseño de Asturias [Asturian Design Conferences] a workshop has been ...

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