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Concealing the truth does not cure. Paco Nadie at Universo Vídeo.
"Demografía del dolor. Poética cruel (I)" is one of the works included in Universo Vídeo. Geopolíticas, a show that gathers a selection of pieces from the ...
Five artists work at LABoral on the production of the installations that will be on show at Traslaciones
The exhibition will be inaugurated 31st July in the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrian and Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto
Press kit Universo vídeo. El espacio de la ilusión
The exhibition explores how illusion and space relate when time becomes flexible and subjective
LABoral holds Free Open Door Days on May 17 and 18 on the occasion of the International Museum Day
There will be free-guided tours to the museums and to other venues that are not usually visited, such as fabLAB Asturias, Plat0 and the warehouses and, on ...
Magazine: Mediateca Expandida. Habitar
Publication of the exhibition
Panel Discussion on Collecting and Video
As part of the exhibition Universo vídeo. La Magia de las Imágenes
Universo vídeo_filMO
Cristina Ferrández and Amalia Ulman, in “Ocho visiones de un paisaje que nunca se termina de hacer”
Next March 18 opens “Ocho visiones de un paisaje que nunca se termina de hacer”, an exhibition around the Archive of Asturian Artists
Universo video_el otro audiovisual español
A tour of the audiovisual platform PLAT
The EU supports LABoral and finances a project which includes two exhibitions, a production artist residency and a seminar
Beyond the Exhibition: New Interfaces for Contemporary Art in Europe] is coproduced by the Centro de Arte (Gijón), Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts ...
Reflections about `La magia de las imágenes´
On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "La magia de las imágenes", this article reflects upon the video art market and summarises the interview of ...
Landscape in video
Thousands of videos flood the Internet and shape the vision of the observer when perceiving the landscape
Outline of the exhibition programme of LABoral for the 2011 year
LABoral’s exhibition programme is conceived to stake out a place for itself as a leading centre for research into innovative formats and languages.
Preview of the LABoral Programme for 2013
The Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón) will strengthen research and the production of work through artist residencies and work groups. The resulting ...
Universo vídeo_filMO, an approach on the moving image
Under the heading filMO, a selection of films premiered at LABoral’s pocket-sized film festival will be on show at LABoral until 10 March
Universo vídeo_ Experimental Practices
An Image of the World in Motion
Universo vídeo_ Experimental Practices II. Cartographies to anticipate a movement
This new selection of films from the Le Fresnoy, the second after An Image of the World in Motion, holdings draws a map of the various ways of addressing ...
Interview to the Asturian artist Mario M. Martínez
Last July first "Universo video. El espacio de la ilusión" opened, an exhibition curated by Alfredo Aracil. We interview one of the selected artists, Mario M. ...
Universo Vídeo: The Other Spanish Audiovisual Scene
An exhibition which aims to bring us closer to the different ways of creating contemporary Spanish audiovisual work that is more daring and creative.
Guillermo G. Peydró wins the Universo vídeo prize, awarded by LABoral and Gijón International Film Festival
The filmmaker will complete a two-week-residency at LABoral where he will produce a work to be shown at the 2014 edition of the festival
Press kit 'Historias fugaces' (Fleeting Stories)
The show includes works by 12 latino-american artist and will be opened at LABoral from 8th August to 31st October 2011
LABoral holds open door days to celebrate Museum Day and organises a recital with National Poetry Award winner Juan Carlos Mestre
Free guided tours during the weekend and a poetry reading on Tuesday, May 18, to complete the programme.
All of the activities will rest on four fundamental pillars: digital design and fabrication, experimental electronics and software, data visualization and the ...
LABoral will strengthen production, research and education in its programme for 2014
All of the activities will rest on four fundamental pillars: digital design and fabrication, experimental electronics and software, data visualization and the ...
Press kit Universo vídeo_ The Other Spanish Audiovisual
This exhibition features works by artists from the Plat audiovisual platform/archive, an online film archive of independent Spanish cinema as well as a ...
LABoral celebrates International Museums Day with three open door days
The Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón will stay open until 3 o´clock in the early morning on Saturday 14th May to celebrate Museum Night
LABoral opens two exhibitions on Friday as part of the project Beyond the Exhibition: New Interfaces for Contemporary Art in Europe
This interdisciplinary project includes Elastic Reality and ‘Universo vídeo_Experimental Practices], the residency by artist Maya Da-Rin and a seminar which ...



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