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Gary Hill
Born in Santa Monica, USA, 1951
Thom Kubli
Born in Frankfurt, Germany, 1969
Sergio Prego
Born in San Sebastian, in 1696
Hugo Fontela
He was born in Grado in 1986. Lives and works in EE.UU.
Nuria Formentí
She was born Gijón in 1971
Blanca G. Gomila
She was born in Madrid in 1981. Resides in Oviedo
Verónica G. Ardura
Was born in Gijón in 1976
Ramon Isidoro
Was born in Valencia de Don Juan, in 1964. Currently living in Luanco.
Marcos M. Merino
Was born in Gijón in 1973
Lucinda Torre
Born in Langreo, Asturias, 1965
Félix Luque
(Oviedo, 1976)
Carlos Coronas
(Avilés, 1964)
Laurent Le Bon
Curator of the exhibition 'Noches eléctricas'
Juanjo Palacios
Sound artist and phonographist
Mariana Heredia
(Gijón, 1988) Lives and works in Gijón and Kassel
Irma Álvarez-Laviada
Was born in Gijón in 1978. Lives and works in Marseille.
Javier Bejarano
He was born in Madrid in1980. He lives and works in Gijón
Iñigo Calles
He was born in San Sebastián in 1953. Lives in Oviedo
Carmen Cantón
She was born in Oviedo, in 1957. Lives and works in Madrid.
Paco Cao
Was born in Oviedo in 1965
David Castro
He was born in Gijón in 1970. Lives and works in A Coruña.
Carmen Salas
Independent creative producer and curator
Alba G. Corral
Born in Madrid, 1977
Nothings66, Japan
Burak Arikan
Turkey, 1976. Lives in New York and Istanbul
Angela Bulloch
Canada, 1966. Lives in Berlin
Thomas Ruff
Germany, 1958. Lives in Düsseldorf



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