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Alfredo Aracil
A Coruña, 1984
María Braña
Was born in Teverga, Asturias, in 1950. Lives and works in Salinas (Castrillón)
Manuel Cimadevilla
Born in Oviedo in 1956. He lives in Llanera
Javier Cruz
Born in Oviedo in 1971. He lives and works in Gijon
Carsten Höller
Born in Brussels, Belgium, 1961. Lives and works in Stockholm.
Ernesto Neto
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1964. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.
Olaf Nicolai
Born in Halle (Saale), Germany, 1962. Lives and works in Berlin.
Rabato is an artist. He lives and works at Barcelona.
Gebhard Sengmüller
Gebhard Sengmüller is an artist. Lives and works in Austria.
Antonio Cavadini aka Tonylight lives and works in Milano.
Lives and works in Italy
Lorena Lozano
Artist and researcher. Born in Gijon, 1975
Pau Waelder
Born in Palma, Spain, 1974. Art critic and freelance curator.
Constantin Brancusi
Born in Pestisani, Rumania, 1876. Deceased in Paris, 1957.
John Cale
Born in Garnant, Wales, United Kingdom, 1942. Lives and works in California.
Eugène Deslaw
Born in Tahantcha, Ukraine, 1899. Deceased in Nice, 1966.
Helga Fanderl
Born in Ingolstadt, Germany, 1947. Lives and works in Frankfurt and Paris.
Brion Gysin
Born in Taplow, United Kingdom, 1916. Deceased in Paris, 1986.
Claude Lévêque
Born in Nevers, France, 1953. Lives and works in Montreuil and Pèteloup.
Dora Maar
Born in Tours, France, 1907. Deceased in Paris, 1997.
Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Born in Bangkok, Thailand, 1970. Lives and works in Bangkok.
Dj Pimp
Musician and Dj from Aturias.
Angélica Liddell
Spanish writer, stage director and actress
Maria Álvarez
Was born in Luanco in1958.
Javier Bejarano
(Madrid, 1980)
Alex Posada
Artist, musician, and hardware developer for artistic projects.
Gabriel Vanegas
Media artist and investigator.
Gabriel Vanegas
Media artist and investigator



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