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Jana Winderen
(Norway, 1965)
Patricia Urquiola
Designer of the exhibition Nowhere/Now/Here
Francisco Fresno
He was born in Villaviciosa in 1954. Lives and works in Gijón.
Julia Gallego
Lives and works in Asturias
Agustín García Benito
He was born in Fompedraza (Valladolid) in 1961. Resides in Oviedo
Gil Morán
Morán was born in León in 1959. Lives and works in Muros del Nalón
Germán Gómez
He was born in Gijón, in 1972. Lives and works in Madrid
Carmen González
She was born in Salamanca in 1973. Resides in Oviedo
Manuel Griñón
Griñón was born in Luarca in 1981. Resides in Madrid.
Eurídice Cabañes
ARSGAMES founding member.
Carlos Padial
Visual artisand, currently working on open source tools.
Sara García
(Gijón, 1983)
James Bridle
(UK, 1980). Lives and works in London, UK.
Roger Hiorns
(UK, 1975). Lives and works in London, UK
Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni
Live and work on terminal beach.
Lola G. Zapico
Graphic design and editorial management
Jorge Luis Marzo
Art historian, audiovisual director, professor at the BAU University Design Center in Barcelona and member of the GREDITS Research Group
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
Born in Brussels, Canada, 1957, and Vegreville, Canada, 1960, respectively. Live and work in Berlin and Grindrod.
Maurizio Cattelan
Born in Brussels, Canada, 1957, and Vegreville, Canada, 1960, respectively. Lives and works in Berlin and Grindrod
Olafur Eliasson
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1967. Lives and works in Berlin.
Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1961, and Trodheim, Norway, 1965, respectively. Live and work in Berlin.
Florian Hecker
Born in Augsburg, Germany, 1975. Lives and works in Vienna.
Jeppe Hein
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1974. Lives and works in Berlin and Copenhagen.
Carsten Nicolai
Born in Chemnitz, Germany, 1965. Lives and works in Berlin and Chemnitz.
Marco Recuero
As a designer and illustrator, Marco Recuero, stared working for Australian Blonde or Penélope Trip. His projects include: Festival Internacional de Cine de ...
Alexei Shulgin
Artist, curator and musician living between Moscow and London
Paul Slocum
Independent artist, curator and musician, focusing on computer technology and culture.



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