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Jaime Rodriguez
Born in Oviedo (Spain), 1968
Daphne Dragona
Adjunct Curator of the exhibition GameWorld. Curator of the exhibition Homo Ludens Ludens.
Born in Brasso, Rumania (at that time part of Hungary), 1899. Deceased in Paris, 1984.
Claude Closky
Born in Paris, France, 1963. Lives and works in Paris.
Audouin Dollfus
Born in Paris, France, 1924. Deceased in Paris, 2010.
Fischli & Weiss
Born in Zurich, Switzerland, 1952 and 1946, respectively. Live and work in Zurich.
Cai Guo-Quiang
Born in Quanzhou, People's Republic of China, 1957. Lives and works in New York.
Andor Kertész
Born in Budapest, Hungary, 1894. Deceased in Paris, 1985.
Jean Le Pautre
Born in Paris, France, 1618. Deceased in Paris, 1682.
Rose Lowder
Born in Lima, Peru, 1941. Lives and works in Avignon.
Yoko Ono
Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1933. Lives and works in New York.
José Antonio Sistiaga
Born in San Sebastián, Spain, 1932. Lives and works in Ciboure.
Israël Silvestre
Born in Nancy, France, 1621. Deceased in Paris, 1691.
Rui Toscano
Born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1970. Lives and works in Lisbon.
Jacobo Alonso de Lucas
Madrid, 1964
La Ribot
María José Ribot (Madrid, 1962)



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