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Video Program/Extrusions: Boys in the hood
Boys In The Hood (Excerpt) / Axel Stockburger / 2006 / Germany / 15 Minutes
Video Program/Extrusions: WOW
WOW (Documentation) / Aram Bartholl / 2007 Germany / 5 Minutes
Dead in Iraq
Joseph Delappe / 2006 - Present / USA
Endless Forest
Tale Of Tales / Auriea Harvey, Michael Samyn / 2006 - Present / Belgium
Common Grounds
Workspace Unlimited / 2007 / Canada / Bélgium
Walter Langelaar / 2007 / Belgium
Colony, 2007
Video, 12' (colour, sound)
M-Sphären, 2008
Wood, lacquer, steel, neon tubes, soffits, bulbs and electric cable. 410 x 600 x 250 cm
Presentation of the installation ArchaeaBot
A project by Anna Dumitriu & Alex May
How nature manufactures - Biomaterials workshop
Registration is now open for a 2-day workshop, 4 hours each day, in which sustainable alternatives in the production of new materials will be created.
Anna Dumitriu & Alex May: ArchaeaBot
A post singularity and post climate change life form
2nd call for artists EMAP/EMARE
Artistic residence exchange for European Artists working with new media
Vessels, a Research Residency at LABoral
The project by Sofian Audry, Stephen Kelly and Samuel St-Aubin includes 50 aquatic unmanned vehicles that interact among each other and with their immediate ...
Phantasmagoria in Two, a multimedia festival dedicated to audiovisual art and new artistic practices
Taking place this coming 15, 16 and 17 September at the Art Centre, in the patio at 3 Jovellanos Street -a space shared with Espacio Líquido, MediaPhoto and El ...
Cristina Busto
She was born in Avilés (Asturias) in 1976
LABoral calls for the Artistic Director position for Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón
The deadline for submiting the applications is 00 (midnight) of June the 2th, 2015
LABoral hosts on Friday 20th a concert for Augmented Instruments
It is part of the programme of Encuentros de Música Electroacústica and will take place at the Chill-out of the Art Centre from 7 p.m.
LABoral and the Port Authority of Gijon launch a call for a residency to produce work in relation with the sea and the ocean
Ciencias del Mar is addressed to artist that work in the field of science and technologies
LABoral brings back the LABjoven Award with the support of Colección Los Bragales
Addressed to Asturian artists under 40, it is awarded with 9.500 €
LABoral joins the European Digital Art and Science network, a transnational Art, Science project
The Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial multiplies its artistic production grants in 2015
New edition of the robotic camp
It will take place the 30, 31 of March and 1 of April in Centro de Arte y Creación industrial
The Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto hosts the second session of ‘Oberhausen on Tour’
The cycle is organized by LABoral, the Goethe-Institute and the Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón
LABoral Centro de Arte and Creación Industrial will join this Saturday Earth Hour
Saturday 28 the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial Industrial will turn off the light during an hour, between 20.30 and 21.30 hours
This Friday starts the cycle ‘Oberhausen On Tour’
Saturday 14th the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto hosts a session dedicated to the winners of the filMO award 2014
Mapa Sonoru 2015
LABoral and phonographist Juanjo Palacios produce Mapa Sonoru
260 Asturian school children celebrates at LABoral the International Book Day
From Tuesday 26th until Friday 29th the Botaniq workshop, Archiving Experiences will also be taking place which addresses the problem of conserving digital ...
The Fundación Contemporánea places LABoral Centro de Arte as the third best cultural initiative in Spain during times of crisis
The “Culture Observatory” of this institution, formed by experts from all over Spain, highlights its contribution to the world of culture in spite of economic ...
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