A project by Eugenio Ampudia for LABoral calls on creative people who wish to “sell” their project and seek promotion

The 25 best proposals will form part of the video-installation ‘Véndete tú’ [Sell Yourself], which will be shown from September onwards in the lobby at the Art Centre

Published: Jul 21, 2011
A project by Eugenio Ampudia for LABoral calls on creative people who wish to “sell” their project and seek promotion

Eugenio Ampudia's video-installation will be located at the LABshop hall

An idea, the desire to make it known and a certain dose of creativity are the essential elements of the project Véndete tú [Sell Yourself], developed by the artist Eugenio Ampudia for LABoral. For its implementation, Gijón’s Centre of Art and Industrial Creation has issued a call for proposals aimed at eager and creative people who are willing to share their proposals, skills and ideas, and are looking for promotion and visibility.

The Véndete tú project aims to highlight and introduce proposals and strategies into the LABoral Centro de Arte space which are thought up by Asturian citizens and bring about new opportunities for the rest of the region. For this reason the call for proposals is open to all kinds of people, ready to present any type of work, enterprise or project. Its content: genuine, open and imaginative proposals, from people of all ages and backgrounds, which do not necessarily have to be spectacular or politically correct, but rather be related to real life - even more so than with art.

The initiatives should be sent by electronic mail or by post to LABoral. Out of all those received, the 25 most useful will be selected and be made known through the filming of a promotional video of up to 5-minutes long for which the participants will have the LABtv technical equipment and the Art Centre’s online television at their disposal. The filmed pieces will be the essential components of a video installation which will be exhibited in the lobby of the LABshop from September onwards, in this way expanding the shop beyond the enclosure it occupies at the Art Centre and in LABtv.

Based on the premise that the most important value lies in the people and how they can bring new opportunities, the artist sets out to make them public through the Véndete tú [Sell Yourself] action, seeking to create a web that extends beyond LABoral and is situated at a relational level.

Both the artist and the Art Centre aim, in this way, to realise an interior exercise which involves reflection on ourselves, examining the role we play in society.

The proposals should be sent before Monday 29th August to op@laboralcentrodearte.org, or by ordinary post to LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Los Prados, 121, 33394 Gijón (Asturias). In addition to forming part of the installation, they will be followed up in a systematic study on their development and results aimed at ensuring they reach the key players that can make them possible.

Eugenio Ampudia (Valladolid, 1958) is currently one of the most well-known Spanish video artists. His multidisciplinary work received a grant from the Delfina Foundation (London) in 2008 and won the AECA Award for the best living Spanish artist represented at ARCO08. His work investigates -with a critical attitude towards the established art system- the idea itself of artistic process, not only in terms of the meaning of the work in itself, but also the traditional mechanisms for its promotion, contemplation and interpretation. His task, therefore, is centred on the permanent questioning of the creative process as a medium of transmitting ideas and those of the artist as an agent for this and its communication systems.

Among his most recent exhibitions, the following stand out: Unwetter / Thunderstorm. Ayala Museum. Manila. the Philippines; Dialogues, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman, Jordan; Momentos-New Perspectives on Spanish Contemporary Photography, Copenhagen National Library, Denmark; To The Elements, Aesthetic Phenomena of Climate Change, Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston (MA), United States; AFTER POST Más allá de la fotografía [Beyond Photography], Espacio Iniciarte, Seville; Dialogues, the Beirut International Video and Film Festival, the Lebanon; Ill winds/ Unwetter, Akademie der Kuenste, Berlin; Unwetter-Inclemencia del tiempo [Inclemency of Time], Centre d’art le LAIT, Albi, France; A-Z (from A to Z). Documentary Archives of Artists from Castilla and León, MUSAC, León; Fútbol-Replay [Football-Replay], La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Tempestade [Tempest], Centro Cultural Solar Barao, Museo da Gravura, Ciudades de Curitiva, Brazil; ¡Grande hazaña! Con muertos [Great Deeds – against the dead!], Puerta Nueva Room, Córdoba; Aprendiendo a mirar. 25 años de Rafael Ortiz [Learning to Look. 25 years of Rafael Ortiz], Espacio San Clemente, Seville; the show El Sur de nuevo, programmed at MNCARS, Madrid; Conductus Vocis, an urban action at the Segovian aquaduct, Oxigenarte Festival; the CIGE Peking art fair, China; Comunicacionismos, 10ª Bienal de la Habana [the 10th Havana Biennial], Cuba; Banquet_nodes and networks [at ZKM in Karlsruhe (Germany); Intemperies, Biennial of the End of the World at the Goethe Institute in Sao Paulo (Brazil); PLAY, in the chapel at MPH, Valladolid; H2O, at Kursaal in San Sebastian; BIACS, the International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville and Granada.

Currently, his work can be seen at the Museo y Espacio [Museum and Space], Museo del Grabado in Marbella, Malaga; Video(S)torias, Museo ARTIUM, Vitoria; OLOR COLOR. Química, Art i Pedagogía [SMELL COLOUR. Chemistry, Art and Pedgagogy]. Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona; and Architektur in der Kunst. Architekturen des Augenblicks, Kunsthalle Bahnitz.

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