This friday, LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries closes three exhibitions

Friday 29th June is the last day to catch the exhibitions Feedback, LABcyberspaces and Extensions-Anchors Phase I LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries is closing three of the four exhibitions in its opening programme. This Friday, 29th June, is the last chance to visit Feedback, LABcyberspaces and Extensions-Anchors. Phase I.

Published: Jun 25, 2007

Feedback, a show expressly designed for the opening of LABoral, is a unique collection of seminal electronic and digital art works. Far from limiting their selection to a more or less attention-grabbing list of examples, the exhibition curators, Christiane Paul, from the Whitney Museum, and Jemima Rellie, from Tate Modern, assisted by the professor from the Lancaster University, Charlie Gere, highlighted the connections between Dada, Fluxus and Conceptual Art, in an attempt to demonstrate the prevailing influence of those works in today?s art.


As from 27th July, the exhibition space of Feedback will be occupied by the site specific exhibition It?s Simply Beautiful. With works by Carlos Coronas, Dzine, Surasi Kusolwong, Mark Titchner and Fabien Verschaere, this exhibition will demonstrate the artists? cohesive vision and their commitment to exploring new and active roles for artists in society, while raising questions such as: What is beauty? Is beauty important in our everyday lives? Can beautiful art raise visitors spirits? The exhibition will be curated by Peter Doroshenko and Jérôme Sans.


LABcyberspaces and Extensions-Anchors. Phase I are the other two exhibitions to be closed on 29th June. LABcyberspaces put on display 10 projects selected by a jury made up by Rosina Gómez-Baeza, Christiane Paul, Gerfried Stocker and Alex Adriaanssens, from among a total of 133 entries received from 26 countries.


Extensions-Anchors was part of the Centre?s opening programme with seven site specific pieces produced by LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries. The works, located in six different spots around Asturias, are the result of the search for complicity with local artists and the expression of a firm commitment with the region. The show will have a second phase, to be opened on 6th July, featuring another seven artists. Yet again, it will use venues outside art circuits and large towns and cities, demonstrating LABoral?s intention to have a presence, its desire for integration and free-flowing dialogue. This second phase will show works by Soledad Córdoba, Carlos Coronas, Chechu Álava & Juan Fernández, Dionisio González, Fernando Redruello and Aurora Suárez.


Exhibitions are not the only activities planned by LABoral this summer. In consonance with its goals of education, research and art production, the Centre has prepared nine workshops for July and August: four exploring the links between videogames, art and present-day reality; three on free tools for creators; and two workshops?Art and Landscape and Reporters for One Day!?for children aged from 8 to 11.

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