Five artists work at LABoral on the production of the installations that will be on show at Traslaciones

The exhibition will be inaugurated 31st July in the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrian and Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto

Published: Jul 17, 2013
Five artists work at LABoral on the production of the installations that will be on show at Traslaciones

Regina Dejiménez, Bevis Martin, Neal Beggs, Fran Meana and Charlie Youle Photo: LABoral/S. Redruello

Three artists based in Nantes, Neal Beggs, Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle, and two Asturians, Regina Dejiménez and Fran Meana, are undertaking a residency for the production of four installations which will make up Traslaciones [Trasnlations], an exhibition organised and produced by the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Education and Popular University of Gijón City Council and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial which will be opened on 31 July.

Traslaciones arose with the goal of articulating a communication channel and a back and forth movement between two cities of the Atlantic Arc, Nantes and Gijón. The original purpose of this project was to share resources and knowledge of their respective art systems. Through this channel, as yet unexplored, this exhibition has come about and will be held at twin venues: LABoral Centro de Arte and the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto [Former Institute Cultural Centre] in Gijón.

The curators of the show, Asturian Alfredo Aracil and French Frédéric Emprou have connected in pairs –one for each exhibition venue-, the work by Neal Beggs, Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle with the work of Regina Dejiménez and Fran Meana. This dynamic of exchange has also affected the rest of the institutions involved in the project: the city of Nantes and the French Institute.

The four works resulting from this artistic residency in Plataforma 0. Production Centre at LABoral present alternative forms of exploring space and time and constitute a way of understanding the world and at the same time a form of studying what separates and links Nantes from and to Gijón.

Sala de Columnas. LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial
Red River Valley
, 2013
Neal Beggs (Belfast, 1959). Lives in Nantes. He spent part of his life in Great Britain, between Manchester, Bristol and London. Following his studies at Sheffield Hallam University, he lived in Glasgow where he was part of the Scottish artist scene in the late nineties. For the last 12 years, he has been living and working near Nantes.

Reinos en traslación: el cobre 2013 [Kingdoms in Movement: copper],
Regina Dejiménez (Madrid, 1984). Resides in Asturias. A graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and holder of a technical degree in Photography and Design, she has completed courses on the relationship between body and technology with Jaime del Val in MediaLab and with Regina de Miguel at Hangar. She was awarded a grant to study at the Accademia Koefia of Haute Couture and Design in Rome by the Le Arti Tessili Association. She was also a grant holder at the Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul (Turkey) and the University of Santiago in Chile, where she furthered her work in jewellery, fibres and traditional cultures. In 2010, she received the first prize in the Italian competition Vestiti d’Arte. Her first exhibition was held at Carmen de la Guerra Gallery in 2007 in Madrid and she has taken part in group exhibitions such as the XXIII Exhibition of Visual Arts in Asturias at Espacio Lola Orato, in the Mulier Mulieris contest and at the Espejo 5 Gallery with the group Vern.

Sala 1. Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto
El Límite del tiempo
(The Edge of Time), 2013
Fran Meana (Avilés, 1982). Graduated in Fine Art from the University of Vigo. He currently lives in Rotterdam having obtained a Master’s at the Piet Zwart Institute. His work investigates the relations between forms of production and the construction of the imaginary. He habitually starts from recent events to which he adds new information, fictional elements or deliberately wrong readings in order to create new objects, images or situations. He has participated in exhibitions such as A Map of Misreading, TENT, Rotterdam; Somewhere Else, Nogueras-Blanchard, Barcelona; Antes que todo [Before Everything], CA2M, Móstoles; Basado en hechos reales [Based on Real Events], ARTIUM, Vitoria; Everything is out there, La Casa Encendida, Madrid; and Delimitations, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel. His work is part of the collections of ARTIUM, CGAC and the NOMAS Foundation.

Ways of Seeing, 2013
Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle (London, 1975 and Sheffield, 1977). Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle have been artistically collaborating for nearly ten years. After their studies at Sheffield Hallam University, they settled in Nantes at the beginning of 2000, alternating an international postgraduate course at the city’s School of Fine Arts and a stay at the Royal College of Arts in London. At times, their work approaches graphic design and both have collaborated in the design of album covers or videos for the British band Hot Chip.

Alfredo Aracil García (A Coruña, 1984). Exhibition curator. Graduated in Information Sciences from the San Pablo Ceu University, Madrid, in the field of visual communication. Holding an official Master’s in the Programme for Visual Culture and History of Contemporary Art from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid [Autonomous University of Madrid] and MNCARS, [Queen Sofía National Museum Centre of Art]. Presently he is studying a degree in Cultural Anthropology at UNED.

He curated audiovisual programmes including Leer las imágenes, leer el tiempo [Reading Images, Reading Time], for MNCARS, and El primer viaje [The First Journey], a monographic exhibition by the artist Irene de Andrés, in the Espacio Líquido Gallery in Gijón. He has been visiting professor on curator courses at the Instituto Superior de Arte [Higher Art Institute] and editor for various magazines specialised in audiovisual art, design and visual arts, such as Experimenta, Lumière and Tendencias.

He collaborates with LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón, where he has already curated two parts of Universo vídeo_ Prácticas experimentales [Video Universe_Experimental Practices] and Usos y formas [Uses and Forms], an exhibition based on visual anthropology with the artists Juan José Pulgar and Noé Baranda.

Frédéric Emprou (Nantes, 1978). Lives and works in Nantes.
Author, exhibition curator and independent art critic, he publishes in different collective works and contemporary art catalogues, writes regularly for the magazines Zérodeux and Irrévérent. Since 2001 he has contributed to Revue 303, arts, recherches et créations. In 2008, he started working as a chronicler for the R collective’s website He has written in the first monographic catalogue by Annabelle Hulaut, as well as an article in Art contemporain, Dictionnaire sur Nantes [Contemporary Art, Dictionary on Nantes]. Recently he has published Sublime paysage for the exhibition Charles Coturel, Le paysage à l’époque du virtual [The Landscape in the Virtual Age] in Pad, Angers and One shot, l’image en archipel [One Shot, the Image in Archipelago].

He has taken part and collaborated in the residency and exhibition by Neal Beggs, Shady Grove, at the Paradise gallery, Nantes, and was the curator of the exhibition by Pascale Remita, Champs magnétiques [Magnetic Fields], Château d’Oiron, Centre des Monuments Nationaux, as well as the group show Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea with Neal Beggs, Marc Geneix, Hubert Marécaille, Michelle Naismith and Georgia Nelson at the Mélanie Rio Gallery, Nantes.

31.07.2013- 15.09.2013. Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto
31.07.2013- 29.09.2013. LABoral Centro de Arte

Organised and Produced by: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and Fundación Municipal de Cultura, Educación y Universidad Popular del Ayuntamiento del Ayuntamiento de Gijón

In the context of: Festival Arcu Atánticu
In collaboration with: Institut Français
Official carrier: DFDS Seaways
Media partner: El Comercio


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