LABoral opens two exhibitions on Friday as part of the project Beyond the Exhibition: New Interfaces for Contemporary Art in Europe

This interdisciplinary project includes Elastic Reality and ‘Universo vídeo_Experimental Practices], the residency by artist Maya Da-Rin and a seminar which takes place in July

Published: Mar 12, 2013
LABoral opens two exhibitions on Friday as part of the project Beyond the Exhibition: New Interfaces for Contemporary Art in Europe

Maya Da-Rin in the Gijón's Botanical Garden where she broadcasted her work. Photo: LABoral/Sergio Redruello

This Friday 15 March LABoral opens two exhibitions –Realidad elástica [Elastic Reality] and Universo vídeo_Experimental Practices- which are part of the project Más allá de la exposición: nuevas interfaces para el arte contemporáneo en Europa [Beyond the Exhibition: New Interfaces for Contemporary Art in Europe], jointly produced by the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijón, Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains (France) and Contemporary Art Center, CAC Vilnius (Lithuania). The three European centres have joined up to develop this interdisciplinary research which addresses the establishment of new cultural habits arising from the digital revolution and how these change access to art works.

Más allá de la exposición [Beyond the Exhibition] will receive €200,000 from the EU’s Culture Programme 2007-2013 which will be used to finance 48 per cent of its cost at the three locations: Gijón, Tourcoing and Vilnius.  The European Commission approved the grant on the basis of bringing together “several partners with an international vocation in the field of visual arts who are engaged in the paradigm shift in the digital era and interested in exploring new forms of artistic following and new relationships with the public”. Fundación Telefónica has also given its support to the programme designed by LABoral as collaborating board member.

In addition to these two exhibitions, the project is completed by the Brazilian artist Maya Da-Rin’s residency at LABoral to produce the work Horizonte de sucesos #Camuflaje [Event Horizon #Camouflage], and a seminar which will take place this July in collaboration with the Universidad de Oviedo [University of Oviedo] and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya  [Open University of Catalonia].


Realidad elástica [Elastic Reality] is opened almost two decades after the beginning of the Internet and about 15 years since the emergence on a massive scale of the mobile phone sector: two technological innovations that have profoundly changed our way of perceiving the world we live in. The exhibition juxtaposes several projects, which combined, “offer an interesting perspective on how contemporary artists re-examine such traditional notions as landscape, narrative and representation”, according to the curator of the exhibit and Activities Director of LABoral, Benjamin Weil. “What unfolds before us is a set of conditions that confronts the spectator with experiments and the conception of various kinds of interfaces to share with the public.  With the evolution of the world, these instantaneous proposals by the artists have almost become milestones of a cultural environment in flux, in which most of our reference points have either already become obsolete or have disappeared.”
DATES: 15.03.2013 – 08.09.2013
CURATOR. Benjamin Weil
ARTISTS/WORKS: Théodora Barat, Dead End; Véronique Béland, This is Major Tom to Ground Control; Pierre-Yves Boisramé, Sans titre; Vincent Ciciliato, Tempo scaduto; Ryoichi Kurokawa, Mol; Joachim Olender, Tarnac; Zahra Poonawala, Tutti; David Rokeby, Hand-held; and Dorothée Smith, Cellulairement
PRODUCED WORK: Horizonte de sucesos. #Camuflaje by Maya Da-Rin
COPRODUCTION: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón, Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains (France), Contemporary Art Center, CAC (Lithuania)
Fundación Telefónica 
WITH THE SUPPORT OF: European Union Culture Programme
VENUE: Galería de Exposiciones


Video Universe_Experimental Practices presents a selection of films from the collections of Le Fresnoy which seek to compose a panoramic portrait. Its goal is to represent the world in motion from a contingent, exacting angle and to provide a structure and meaning to its confusing constant state of change, embodied in each of these works.
DATES: 15.03.2012-02.06.2013
CURATOR: Alfredo Aracil
ARTISTS/WORKS:Clément Cogitore, Visités; Clorinde Durand, Naufrage; Tatiana Fuentes Sadowski, La huella; Laura Huertas Millán, Voyage en la terre autrement dite; Vimukthi Jayasundara, Vide pour l'amour; Anna Marziano, The Mutability of All Things and the Possibility of Changing Some; João Pedro Rodrigues, Matin de la Saint Antoine; Mitsuaki Saito, Yabuki-machi.
IN COLLABORATION WITH: Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains (France)
VENUE: Mediateca Expandida

  • Horizonte de sucesos #Camuflaje BY Maya Da-RIN

The Brazilian artist Maya Da-Rin will present her work Horizonte de sucesos #Camuflaje [Event Horizon #Camouflage], produced at LABoral, in the exhibition Realidad elástica. The work is a performance, a walk and an installation developed during the production residency in Plataforma 0 at LABoral. It is also a continuation of the research carried out on the project Event Horizon, produced at Le Fresnoy last year as part of the Panorama 14 exhibition which was shown at Tourcoing.

Maya Da-Rin investigates the relationships between the body, territory and landscape by using geolocation technologies. A series of routes take different forms depending on the area where they took place. The performances are recorded by cameras that are automatically controlled by satellite, merging in such a way the physical and personal experience of these locations with contemporary technologies of body localisation in space.

In an Asturian wood (“la carbayera” in Tragamón, forming part of the Jardín Botánico Atlántico [Atlantic Botanical Gardens] in Gijón), the artist walks in circles surrounded by vegetation and always tries to follow the same path. Around the area she walks, three cameras follow her track. Over her head, a constellation of GPS satellites float in the Earth’s orbit. At regular intervals, she relays her position to the satellites flying over the forest. These, in turn, transmit her coordinates to the cameras, which automatically record them, following her track in spite of the visual obstacles imposed by the vegetation.

The landscape is transformed into a testing ground, a space for play and interaction among these different bodies in constant movement. Bodies connected by an invisible and intangible network of data flux and information traffic, evoking the exchange between individuals and the community; between the personal perception of space and the collective experience of society.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Maya Da-Rin currently lives and works in Paris. Her artistic activity takes place in the field of visual arts and covers film, performance and video installation projects. Da-Rin studied graphic design at the PUC College in Rio de Janeiro and cinema at the Escuela de Cuba [School of Cuba]. In 2010 she moved to France to complete her training at the Le Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts. Her work has been presented at festivals and institutions including the Locarno Festival, Switzerland, DOKLeipzig, Germany, Festival de Guadalajara, Mexico, the São Paulo Biennial, Brazil, and at the museums MoMA and New Museum in New York. Presently, she is following a Master’s in Cinema Film and Art History at the Sorbonne and preparing her first feature film.

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