LABoral hosts Open Doors days from July 1 to September 6

Access to the Art Centre will be free-of-charge and visitors will have the chance to see the exhibitions and take place in the activities

Published: Jun 30, 2015
LABoral hosts Open Doors days from July 1 to September 6

El fracaso de la inteligencia, 2014. Cristina Busto

LABoral hosts Open House days from July 1st to September 6, this includes free access to the centre with guided tours to the exhibitions and the possibility to take part in the activities planned for the summer. Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial de Gijón aims to get closer to its audiences. The aim is to turn this innovation space into a resource and a place for participation for the citizens of Asturias, and those from elsewhere in Spain that visit this region in the summer.

The exhibition Universo Vídeo El espacio de la ilusión. Animaciones para formar y deformar un lugar opens these Open House days and the activities that will take place at LABoral during summer. The show takes as point of departure two historic pieces that are pioneering landmarks in the development of animation: Aschenputtel (Cinderella), 1922, by Lotte Reiniger, and Matrix III, 1972, by John Whitney. The works included in this exhibition are not aimed to be any sort of anthology, even though they swing around two historic pieces that mark two pioneering moments in the development of animation. The idea, on the contrary, is to explore how illusion and space relate when time becomes flexible and subjective. The Space of Illusion aims to show the versatility of a set of techniques in order to provide alternative answers, and even contradictory ones, to personal space configurations that are ultimately able to trigger some changes in the experience that, in principle, were supposed to belong only to time.

Curated by Alfredo Aracil, El espacio de la ilusión includes works by the following artists: Misha Bies Golas, Cristina Busto, Fernando Gutiérrez, Joe Hamilton, Emmanuel Lefrant, Mario M. Martínez, Lotte Reiniger, Emily Richardson, Natalia Stuyk, John Whitney.

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Robotics Summer Camps in July and August
LABoral hosts this summer a new edition of the Robotics Summer Camps for children aged between 7 and 14. From Tuesday June 30 to Friday August 28, sessions will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Participants will build robots and will learn the basics of programming.

In these camps, participants will have the opportunity to design, build and program their own robots from a series of challenges to be met daily.. In order to introduce children into the world of technology and robotics the construction set LEGO WeDo will be used. This way, children learn basic concepts of robotics while having fun.

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15 de julio: Presentation of Llar, the latest film Elisa Cepedal and Ramón Lluis Bande
Two opposed directors, different experiences, generations and formal propositions and yet somehow the images that to Elisa Cepedal and Ramón Lluís Bande suggests the Asturian term Llar embrace and complement each other, bringing us a tale of uprooting and solitude, a requiem for the end of a society, a way of understanding life, the passage of time and the relationship with nature..

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22 de julio: Sombreros inteligentes by María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde
María Castellanos and Alberto Valverde have won the call Next Things 2015 with their project Environment Dress, a smart dress that they are developing during a production residency at LABoral this summer.

As a presentation event for this research, both artists will carry out on July 22 Protección solar en código abierto, in this action they invite the public to take a stroll along El Muro de San Lorenzo to test the prototypes of smart hats in order to see the effects of ultraviolet radiation, that is imperceptible for the human eye, but can be detrimental to our health.

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200 metros, by Andy Gracie
The exhibition hall of the Port Authority of Gijon will show in July, 200 metros, an immersive installation from sensor and mapping data obtained by some sort of underwater drone in the area of the Aviles Canyon, an abyssal groove that runs, around seven miles from the coast, between Colunga and Navia, that is one of the most diverse ecosystems of the Gulf of Biscay. 200 metros has won the production grant Ciencias del Mar, called jointly by the Port Authority of Gijon and LABoral addressed to Asturian artists who work with science and technology in relation with the ocean.

Andy Gracie produced this work during an artistic residency at LABoral. He first focused on designing and executing a hybrid underwater device combining standard and DIY elements and fast prototyping: sonar, camera and a hydrophone for mapping and registering the phenomena than take place in the depths of the sea.

Then, the British artist living in Asturias since 2008 undertook a ship expedition to the area of the Aviles Canyon to collect information. All the information and data collected will be part of this immersive installation.

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July 25 and 26 2015: Summer Flea Market 2015

LABoral will host a new edition of LABoral’s Design Market on the weekend of July 25-26. This is an open space for creativity, coordinated by Marco Recuero, and aimed at showcasing the activity of designers living and working in Asturias.

LABshop is not only a showcase or a design flea market, is in a space open for creativity that connects all participants with the purpose of fostering their unity and strengthening the contact with the mass media, trendsetters and this industry.

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Summer Opening Hours
(from June 15 to September 15)
From Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Monday and Tuesday closed except when holidays)

Free guided tours
Wednesday to Sunday, at half-past noon and 4.30 p.m.
Information:, + 34 985 185 577 + 34 985 331 907

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