The notary public Montserrat Martínez, new President of Asociación de Amigos de LABoral

It is aimed at building a platform to support the Art Centre that works the a connection with the various sectors of the Asturian society

Published: Apr 24, 2015
The notary public Montserrat Martínez, new President of Asociación de Amigos de LABoral

Montserrat Martínez López new president of Amigos de LABoral. Photo: Chus Monteserín

The Managing Board of Asociación de Amigos de LABoral has elected unanimously the Asturian notary public Montserrat Martínez López as its new president. The Professor of Finance and Tax Law at the Universtity of Oviedo, José Pedreira has also been unanimously elected as secretary.

Montserrat Martínez (Boal, 1967) was until now the secretary of the Managing Board and she replaces former president Luis Figaredo, lawyer specialising in Maritime Law who took this position during the association’s launch until he resigned last March on account of his multiple professional activities.

The new president sets as her main priorities are strengthening the structure of the Association by contacting individuals and entities with the purpose of having them join the project building a platform to support the centre that acts as the connection between Laboral and the various sectors of the Asturian society.

Montserrat Martínez is married and has two daughters. She lives in Gijon since she was three. Notary public since 1998, she has worked in the positions of Posada de Llanes (Asturias), Gernika-Luno (Biscay). She is currently a notary public in Gijon and she collaborates since 2009, on secondment, with the Directorate General of Registers and Notaries of the Ministry of Justice. She was a student at Instituto doña Jimena and then she graduated in Law at the University of Oviedo, where she received the Graduation Prize "Miguel Traviesas" for the best academic record in the subjects of private law. She also studied at Gijon’s School of Music, now called Enrique Truán, where she graduated as teacher of piano and accordion at the Conservatories of Oviedo and Barcelona respectively.

She is also Secretary of the Managing Board of Asturmanger, member of Foro Empresarial de Asturias, and she is in the Members Committee of BNI Progresa Gijón, as well as a partner Federación de Empresarias y Directivas de Asturias (FEDA). She also collaborates with the School of Legal Practice of the Lawyers Association of Gijon.

Furthermore, José Pedreira Menéndez, is a Full Professor of Finance and Tax Law, teaching at the University of Oviedo and Instituto de Empresa de Madrid. He is an expert in taxation of foundations, art patronage and culture, he has published four case studies on the matter and more than twenty five articles in spesialised magazines. He has the Special Prize of the University of Oviedo for his thesis Payment of corporate tax in business activities conducted by foundations. He has also received the award Premio del Centro de Estudios Financieros for a work on the payment in kind of taxes through the provision of art works. He is managing a national project on Foundations as collaborators of public authorities for the sustainability of the Social State: The necessary interaction State-Civil Society in times of crisis, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitive-edge.

Pedreira is current Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Fundación La Laboral. Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and of Fundación Valdés Salas. Moreover, he is the legal advisor of several foundations and non-profit organisations.

La Asociación de Amigos de LABoral started out in August, 2013 following the election of a Managing Board, chaired by Luis Figaredo, who took the first steps to make this institution a reality. Formally constituted on General Assembly last December, it is a non-profit organisation aimed at fostering and supporting any cultural actions related with the activity of the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.

Asociación de Amigos de LABoral is currently integrated a one hundred people including a large group of professionals and members of the Asturian civil society. They have all gathered together because they all want to take an active part in the development and promotion of the Centre in a time when, on account of the crisis, public aids and funding have been reduced. They think that they must play an active role in this social enrichment brought by culture, as it is in all European and American capitals, where the civil society takes an active part in flourishing of new museums and cultural institutions.

The Managing Director, Montserrat Martínez is accompanied by the Professor and former Vice-Chancellor of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Vice-president of Institutional Relationships at IE Bussines School, Vice-president at Fundación Instituto de Empresa and Head of the Board of Trustees of IE Universidad de Segovia, Rafael Puyol Antolín, acting as first Vice-President; the writer and journalist Cuca Alonso, acting as second Vice-President; and Professor José Pedreira, as secretary.

The Managing Board of Asociación de Amigos de LABoral is completed with:

• Luis Adaro, President of Adaro Tecnologías
• Marta Aguilera, General Mannager of Restaurante Las Delicias.
• Álvaro Armada y Barcáiztegui, Count of Güemes, is member of the Board of Directors of the Mapfre Praico Corp. Expert in development of cultural and touristic projects, he has developed his professional life in multinational advertising and communication agencies in the United States, Canada and Caribbean.
• Carlos Caicoya, professor and expert museologist in the analysis of models for cultural management.
• Fernando de la Hoz, with an extended career in the banking sector, is a business consultant and advisor for companies belonging to the renewable energies sector and an active agent in various foundations and associations’ boards of trustees.
• Álvaro Díaz Huici, Director of Ediciones TREA.
• Paz Fernández Felgueroso, former mayor of Gijón and President of the Consejo de Comunidades Asturianas [Asurian Communities Council].
• José Miguel Fernández, economist, president of the Alumni Association of the Jovellanos Institute.
• Jorge Fernández León, Cultural Manager and former Vice President of the Board of LABoral.
Javier Fernández Vallina, Doctor in Semitic Linguistics and Professor at the Department of Linguistics of the UCM.
• Javier García Fernández, General Mannager of EUROLAB.
• Lucía García Rodríguez, Managing Director of LABoral.
• Pilar González Lafita, Ex Director of FMCEyUP and of the city council of Gijón. Currently program director of the Department of Museums and Exhibitions of the FMC.
• Ignacio Gracia Noriega, Writer and journalist.
• Mariano López Santiago, former secretary general of Gijón City Council and president of the Special Employment Centre INTGRAF and theatre critic for La Nueva España.
• Jovino Martínez Sierra, Architect.
• Íñigo Noriega, Director of El Comercio.
• Germán Ojeda, senior lecturer of History and Economic Institutions at the University of Oviedo.
• Abel Rionda Rodríguez y David Martínez Álvarez, Directors of ADN Mobile Solutions.
• Pedro Sabando, doctor and former Minister of Health for the Community of Madrid.
• Ángel Luis Torres Serrano, Notary.
• Javier Targhetta, Mining engineer, CEO of Atlantic Copper SaU in Spain and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales of the Group Freeport-McMoRan Copper Gold.

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