A residency by Fernando Gutiérrez and Daniel Romero acts as the starting-point for LABoral's Production Centre

Both Asturian artists will carry out the technical tests and performance of the ‘Rapsodia’ piece, selected for the ABC newspaper’s stand in ARCO next month

Published: Jan 27, 2012
A residency by Fernando Gutiérrez and Daniel Romero acts as the starting-point for LABoral's Production Centre

The project of the two Asturian artists was published on the "ABC Cultural"

A week-long artist residency by Asturian artists Fernando Gutiérrez and Daniel Romero will be used to effectively set in motion the Production Centre at LABoral. In this way, the Centre of Art and Industrial Creation will develop one of the work lines planned by its Plataforma 0 -the area of research, production and resources at LABoral, whose functioning has been organised into different programmes and services aimed at working groups, individual creators, groups and educators operating in the intersections of science, art, technology, creative industries and society.

Fernando Gutiérrez and Daniel Romero, under the name of Fernando Gutiérrez + .tape., have been selected to carry out an artistic intervention at the ABC newspaper’s stand in ARCO 2012, taking place in Madrid between 15th and 19th February. The chosen project was selected by a professional jury from half a dozen proposals which have been published in the ABC Cultural supplement in recent months.

The initiative promoted by Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración [ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration], which opened last year, is called Sala 4. Its aim is to support art informed by prominent emerging values in Spanish artistic creation. The chosen work, Rapsodia [Rhapsody], is a site-specific intervention for this space in the fair, which acts as another room of the Museum even though it is located away from its base on Amaniel street in Madrid.

Fernando Gutiérrez and the multimedia artist .tape. present an all-embracing proposal that combines sound with drawing. Rapsodia creates a hypnotic world whose inhabitants spend their lives dancing to a lullaby. As the dance becomes woven together, their bodies start colliding; a slight brush causes mutations and small accidents transform their organisms. This friction spurs on more reproduction and, at times, it is multiplied by spontaneous generation, expanding the genetic diversity. With each encounter or alteration, harmonious sounds are emitted, forming a haphazard musical composition with unpredictable results. The same happens when they reach the boundaries of their habitat.

Halfway between interactive animation and generative art, Rapsodia -a work from the Golondrias series- aims to reconstruct a lost arcadia in a playful, innocent and perverse way which invades the exhibition space and immerses the public in a strange ecosystem.

Both Fernando Gutiérrez and Daniel Romero have regularly collaborated with LABoral where they have shown their work. In the second edition of the LABjoven_Experimenta award, Gutiérrez was selected along with .Tape. (who will participate in the Visualizar el sonido [Visualising Sound] exhibition, starting on 30th March at the Centre) by LABoral’s Projects Office to make the New Year Greetings message for 2012. 

From Monday 30th, both artists will make use of their artistic residency at LABoral by carrying out at PlatÆ the technical tests and setting-up of the piece to be shown at the contemporary art fair in Madrid.

Less than a month ago the two artists were picked by LABoral’s Projects Office to make the New Year wishes for 2012. 

Plataforma 0 has available an extensive range of equipment and unique professional resources, which include advanced facilities for photographic and editing work and the production and post production of video and sound pieces. It also offers studios and workshops, meeting and conference rooms and multi-use spaces, as well as a broad range of mobile audio, video, electronic and multimedia equipment. Plataforma 0 has the following laboratories: fabLAB, a laboratory equipped with digital fabrication machines; platÆ, a space for experimentation and research on expanded performative practices, interactivity with telepresence and new audiovisual forms; Laboratorios Audiovisuales [Audiovisual Laboratories], a platform for the online experimental publishing of digital and audio video; and the Projects Office, which provides advisory and production support services for artistic projects and residencies.

The procedure and rates for gaining access to the services and equipment of Plataforma 0 at LABoral can be consulted at:

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