A hundred Spanish and foreign artists and creators take part in the IV edition of SummerLAB

Held at LABoral from 2nd to 6th August. Exploration of the frontiers of humans, machines, plants, performance and electronic recycling will be undertaken in the different work nodes

Published: Jul 31, 2011
A hundred Spanish and foreign artists and creators take part in the IV edition of SummerLAB

A view of the SummerLAB 2010

Starting on Tuesday 2nd August, a hundred creators, artists and researchers from Spain and other countries principally working in free libre (FLOSS) contexts will gather together at LABoral for the IV edition of SummerLAB. This is a participative event focused on free culture in which the participants will work together, sharing ideas and codes. Its organisation mirrors the way in which free software is developed: there is no hierarchy, simply production in a context where free will and mutual help flow in the service of creation.

The SummerLAB 2011 programme has been organised into nodes with different areas of interest which have interwoven in them the numerous proposals by the participants who will work in the workshops, presentations, performances and other activities, which are proposed and organised by the actual participants. In this way, themes such as the frontiers among human beings, machines, plants, performance and electronic recycling are dealt with through workshops on streaming techniques, free software development and libre software tools, such as Blender, OpenFrameworks, Arduino and Pure Data. Every night, the participants will show the evolution of their works and, at the end of the meeting on Saturday 6th August, a public presentation of the works produced during the week will take place.

SummerLAB 2011 will have as its venue LABcafé at the Centre of Art and Industrial Creation and will include the participation of artists, creators and producers from Asturias, Andalusia, Aragon, Cantabria, Catalonia, the Valencia region, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia and the Basque Country, as well as from countries such as Germany, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. Over five days –from Tuesday 2nd until Saturday 6th August- new forms and models of cooperation among digital creation professionals aimed at collective and cooperative development and production will be explored.

In addition, on each day between 9 pm and 1 am in the early morning, the participants will move to Laterraza [the Terrace] at Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura [City of Culture] where music, screenings and performances have been programmed. On Friday 5th 
Noche invisible [Invisible Night] takes place –a scenic practice arising from a creative process framed within the exhibition Noches eléctricas [Electric Nights] which strives to bring together different forces (dance, sound, action) that make a ‘Night’ as invisible as much as possible.

From 11th November until 20th February 2012, SummerLAB_Showcase will exhibit the documentation and works generated during this meeting so as to discover the fascinating world of culture and free creation.

The themes of SummerLAB 2011 will be based on the exploration of the frontiers of human beings, machines and nature. In order to work on these concepts and the existing relations among them, the research and creative activities are divided into nodes:

The main ones are:
EcoLab. The sounds of plants will be the meeting point for this node which will explore in depth the programme with the same name which has been under way throughout the whole year as part of Plataforma Cero. EcoLAB is a space where experimentation is produced in the terrain shared by open electronics, art and ecology. Among the proposed works the research carried out by Martin Hug  which starts from a question: “Do plants rest?” stands out.

FabLAB. The node of this Digital Fabrication Laboratory has been approached as an architecturally constructed workshop, using replicable pieces, the construction of machines by machines and its future as a micro-industry, with a work space where the creators will have access to the use of industrial machinery.

Eléctrónica [Electronics]. Devised as a theoretical-practical workshop which covers the subject areas related to listening, amplification, modulation and audiovisual synthesis through the construction of electronic devices. Similarly, guidelines on the recycling of electronic materials for listening will be established, and an introduction to other analogue modules and electronic DIY (Do It Yourself) resources will be carried out.

Cartography. In this section the study of diverse scenarios in order to georeference the points in a map in which art and creation are concentrated is undertaken. One of the most interesting works will be the project proposed by Arteleku / Tabakalera, involving the mapping of cultural agents and creation laboratories of the so-called Spanish Atlantic Axis in order to coordinate joint activities and work as part of a network.

Audiovisuals. In this working group the project called Proyecto TV_itere -a proposal of live improvisation, puppet shows and video, navigating between darkness and light- stands out.

SummerLAB-Kids. A node carrying special relevance this year given that a research project in which children will be the protagonists during the whole of SummerLAB 2011 will be under way. The work of this group will be transversal to all the activities performed during the week and will be focused on research into the educational potential of the technological resources developed in the rest of the nodes which make up SummerLAB.


SummerLAB goes to laTerraza
Venue: LaTerraza at Laboral
Time: from 9 pm to 1 am.

Tuesday 2nd August 2011
Video-art exhibit
Videologias 00 (Spain)

Video-art exhibit

Queeruption, by PostOp (Barcelona)

Experimentación en Artes Rituales [Experimentation in Ritual Art], Fabi Borges and Camila Melo (Brazil)

Mares y Malabares [Seas and Juggling], Mariana Carranza (Uruguay)

Antoine Bellanger (France)

Graham Bell, Tornado - Gran Tour (Valencia)

Wednesday 3rd August 2011
Video-art exhibit
Videologias 01 (Spain)

Baby Alien by Helena Torres (Catalonia)

Aquest conte no s'ha acabat [The Story is Not Over], Les cuentistes (Catalonia)

RL (real life), Maria LLopis (Castellón)

Trucador, disociación y desconcierto en el doblaje [Trucador, disassociation and confusión in dubbing], Left Hand Rotation (Lisbon)

cuerpusión", Diana J Torres (Catalonia)

NOISH, Oscar Martin (Catalonia), with visuals by LOT (Alicante) http://noconventions.mobi/noish/hotglue/

Thursday 4th August 2011
Flamenco Set, DJ Sugar (Asturias). Visual effects: Phantasmagoria in Two, Alfredo Aracil (Asturias)

El fin del hombre blanco [The End of the White Man], Alberto Gracia (Galicia)

Non Ergo (Asturias) http://www.myspace.com/nonergo

TransNoise (Galicia)

Gary Glitcher (France) and Julien Bellanger. Music con el MIAM

Vudu Serial Bitch (Catalonia)

MP19 (Cantabria)

Friday 5th August 2011
Place: LABoral Centro de Arte.  Room 1B
Opening hours: 8 pm to 10 pm.
Noche invisible [Invisible Night]
A scenic event is being created as we are preparing a meeting with creators from different disciplines to explore the ideas of invisibility and obscurity. The results can be seen on Friday 5th August from 8 pm onwards. 
Noche invisible is a scenic practice with the setting in motion of a creative process within the framework of the exhibition Noches eléctricas, seeking to generate a meeting of different forces (dance, sound, action) to make a ‘Night’ as invisible as much as possible.
The Invisibles: Arturo Castro, .Tape, Mónica García, Rosario Granell, Sara Paniagua, Mónica Cofiño, Sara
Proposed by: Mónica Cofiño, Pecera Elástica

Saturday 6th August 2011
Place: LABcafé at LABoral Centro de Arte
Time: 5pm to midnight.
SummerLAB Presentation
Exhibition of the results from an intensive week of creative collaboration with JamSession, talks and presentations.


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