LABoral’s LABshop Market celebrates a new edition this weekend

The Art Centre will host the premier of 'On el funambulista', by the Asturian shadow theater company Luz, Micro y Punto

Published: Dec 10, 2014
LABoral’s LABshop Market celebrates a new edition this weekend

More than 60 designers will show and sell their creations. Photo: LABoral/Paula Andrés

LABoral will host during the weekend of December 13 and 14 a new edition of its LABshop Market with the participation of more than 60 designers that will show and sell their creations from noon to 10 p.m. On this occasion, in addition, on Sunday at 1 p.m., the Asturian shadow theater company Luz, Micro y Punto will present the result of their artistic residency at LABoral where they have worked on the adaptation of their play On el funambulista into a new format. On Saturday and Sunday the film series Memoria del descrédito will continue with works by Ramiro Ledo and Pere Portabella. Furthermore, the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial will host, on Friday 12 and Saturday 13, Guerrillas cotidianas, a workshop-meeting on the current feminist thinking and practices in relation with stage creation.

The Design Market of LABoral was born in December 2008 as a new space open to creativity, aimed at disseminating the activity developed by the designers living and working in Asturias. Coordinated by Marco Recuero, in each edition visitors can see and purchase graphic work, t-shirts, clothes, pins, photos, postcards, purses, belts, home decor items, jewellery or shoes, among other things. They are all original, handicraft and unique creations by young designers working in the Principality of Asturias.

LABoral will be selling in this flea market publications and objects that the Art Centre usually sells in its shop. Together with merchandising items, visitors will have the chance to purchase exclusive designs made specifically for sale in LABoral’s shop, such as catalogues of exhibitions held at the Centro de Arte and specialised magazines.

Visitors will also have the chance to become “Friends of LABoral or to give the ID as a gift in the four existing categories: Amigo de número, with an annual fee of 12 €; Amigo Estudiante, 10 €; Amigo Familia, (2 adults and children), 40€; and Amigo Artista with access to Plataforma 0 and its resources and special fares for using its equipment and machines) in its two categories, individual, with a fee of 50€, and collective, with a fee of 90€; and Amigo Empresa, with a fee from 500€.

Both Saturday and Sunday, entrance to the exhibitions of the Art Centre will be free of charge.

Since last spring, all products being presented include a quality label, under the brand Handmade with Love, that certify an original design, self-production and objects made with love. This hallmark ensures that the objects being offered meet the minimum quality standards. The Label certifies that they are self-produced, designed by the participants of this well-stablished event of the Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial de Gijón and that the offer is something different. And always following the principles of sustainable design, limited edition, quality and local manufacturing.

On Saturday, between 5 p.m and 8 p.m. will take place the solidarity workshop hola, soy Billy Cat?, organised by Laura Cima and Lu&Lu facctory, where puppets will be created from recycled sweaters that will be used by the association Clowntigo to make laugh the children that will be in hospital during christmas.

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Aventuras literarias
Cacatúa Roulete
Café & madera
Caprichos de armario
Carla con C
Carlota Sierra
Cataclismos con las manos
Cerámicas Soluna
Cueros Osea
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Fadrique Atelier
Fandango & Co
Fusion Street Co. & TukTuk & Hola por qué
IfeltlLove shop
Göre Vöeller Design & Crafts
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Paula Muñiz
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Perro Feo
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Saulan Chic
Se rifa un pez
Tantanah Tarantula Creative
To the Wild
Una piedra en el camino
Vintage de mi Alma

On el funambulista. On the occasion of LABoral’s Flea Market in December, the Asturian shadow theater company Luz, Micro y Punto will show on Sunday from 1 p.m. the work carried out during its residency at LABoral, that will last until the end of this year. On el funambulista is a handicraft shadow theater piece that uses analogical technology. The mix of silhouettes and decorations based on traditional techniques, with a personal staging that reveals the ins and outs of scenic arts, puts this play in the context of the most contemporary shadow theater. The show, that will be staged at the Plat0 of LABoral, uses overhead projectors and magic lanterns to generate images and a keyboard, a metallophone and a mini-accordion that connect the visual part with melodies.

Cycle of projections. Memoria del descrédito is a film series that extends the activities of FICXLAB beyond the Festival, addressing the change of structures, narratives and ways of doing of recent filmmaking in Spain. The programme, that ends this weekend, is organised by LABoral together with Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, in partnership with Fundación Municipal de Cultura, Educación y Universidad Popular de Gijón and Gijon Film Festival. The projections started in October showing contemporary films combined, in double sessions, with historical films, whose debates and proposals are reviewed and negotiated.

December 13 and 14
Ramiro Ledo + Pere Portabella: el compromiso
With the attendance of the director of VidaExtra Ramiro Ledo
VidaExtra, 2013, Ramiro Leda
Duration: 93'
Venue: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Date: Saturday December 13 2014
Time: 18.30 h.
El Sopar, 1974, Pere Portabella
Duration: 50'
Venue: Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto
Date: Sunday December 14, 2014
Time: 19 h.

Guerrillas cotidianas. Escénicas y feminismos is a workshop-meeting that combines the current feminist thinking and practices with scenic creation, with the purpose of providing participants with some of the tools needed to analyse in a critical and conscious manner the world and themselves, through a practical reflection.

This meeting, created by Blanca Ortiga and Jara Cosculluela, will take place at the Plat0 of LABoral on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 and will be conducted by Jara Cosculluela and Paula Alonso. According to the organisers, this activity aims to share the social and personal transformation tools “that enable us to maintain our own everyday gerrilla-wars and open collective research channels that show the potential of the transforming work based on the practice, the reality experienced, the bodies and the affections”.

Price: 10 euros
Friday 12: From 16 to 19 h.
Saturday 13: From 11 to 18 h.

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