LABoral will be present at Mercaplana with video games, audio workshops, concerts for children and young people and a reading area

The Art Centre will have a permanent place at the Conference and Exhibition Centre. Pavillion 3-4, which will be open from 4 pm to 8.30 pm from 25 December to 4 January

Published: Dec 23, 2011
LABoral will be present at Mercaplana with video games, audio workshops, concerts for children and young people and a reading area

A view og the LABoral's Exhibition 'Gameworld'. Photo: Roberto Tolín

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial will be present at the Mercaplana 2011 Fair for Children and Young People, taking place from 25 December 2011 until 4 January 2012 at the Luis Adaro conference and exhibition centre in Gijón, and will offer leisure and cultural activities aimed at the very young. A  Video Games Space in which the visitors will be able to play and attend demonstrations by experts, audio workshops and concerts especially designed and adapted for children and young people, as well as a small extension of the Centre’s Mediateca_Archivo [Media Libraries], will be some of the activities the visitor will find at the Conference and Exhibition Centre. Pavillion 3-4 - in an area of more than 100 square metres occupied by LABoral.

This presence at Mercaplana 2011 is connected to the undertaking of bringing the Art Centre’s activities closer to its audiences and contribute to spreading the most recent cultural forms arising from new technologies. With this in mind, it offers visitors to the hall a space where some of the different areas and lines of activity of the Centre are brought together. 

The developed programme has been structured with children specifically in mind and the discourse of the institution has been adapted for children and young audiences. Participants in the activities will receive free gifts, as well as tickets to visit the Centre of Art and Industrial Creation.


Dates: 25 December 2011 to 4 January 2012
Opening hours: from 4 pm to 8.30 pm
1.- Video Games Space. Linking up with the Centre’s activity in the ambit of industrial creation, three consoles will be installed (two PlayStation 3 and one Xbox) so that visitors can enjoy themselves while playing with a selection of games that form part of the Mediateca_Archivo collection at LABoral. This activity is carried out in collaboration with New Games.
The Games
PlayStation 3
Little Big Planet explores and changes this small planet inhabited by friendly rag dolls, using your personality skills and the various combinations of objects, materials and settings.  

Guitar Hero II and III is a game system in which the player uses a guitar-shaped controller to simulate playing lead-, rhythm- or electric bass-guitar.

Eye Toy Play 3. In version 3, Eye Toy returns for the umpteenth time including on this occasion a total of 50 new and original games. With its well thought-out multi-player facet, it offers the necessary entertainment to attract any kind of player, irrespective of age.

Xbox 360
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts:         a game that mixes action, platforms and motor racing, in incredible and imaginative settings.

2.- The Mediateca_Archivo at Mercaplana. A permanent space where a selection of books from the collection of LABoral’s Mediateca_Archivo [Media Libraries] can be enjoyed. It includes children’s books which the public can read in a space outfitted with furniture from the Chill-Out area at the Art Centre. In addition, various videos will be shown which provide information, images and sound which have come from the activities at LABoral, ranging from interviews with experimental film artists and researchers to an institutional video, as well as a film made by the Asturian artist Cristina Busto this summer in collaboration with the children who attended the Urban Summer Camp ‘Jugamos, Creamos’ [We Play, We Create].


1.- Presentations
Date: Sunday 25 December 2011
Time: 5 pm
Lego Indiana Jones Demo
For children from the age of three onwards. David Costales presents this puzzle and platform game in which the players have lives.
Date: Wednesday 4 January 2012
Time: 7 pm

GameBroker Demo
David Pello ( presents GameBroker, a project made in collaboration with Derivart which deals with recent historical crises through a series of mini-games for the original Nintendo Gameboy (TM), which are based on world classic 8-bit games.

2.- MapaSONORU at Mercaplana. Audio Workshop
Date: from Tuesday 27 December to Friday 30 December 2011  Schedule: one session each day, at 5 pm.
For groups of 15 children
Registration: Maximum of 15 participants per session. Write to or enquire in the LABoral space at Mercaplana.
Led by the Asturian sound artist and phonographist,  Juanjo Palacios, and his project mapaSONORU, LABoral offers the development of an audio workshop for children. The goal of mapaSONORU is to construct a sound map of Asturias by making field recordings in numerous sites and geolocate the sound files on an interactive map. Juanjo Palacios proposes an audio workshop that reveals the sound landscape that surrounds us.

3.- Concerts
Aimed at bringing electronic music closer to younger audiences, backed by an accessible language and a programme of interactive concerts in which audiovisual experiences and musical compositions are created with the children.

Date: Friday 30 December 2011
Time: 7 pm
Roberto Lobo and Ernesto Avelino are Fasenuova. An original combination of free-noise in Spanish and Spanglish -although they always say it´s simply and purely rock’n’roll- which marks the uniqueness of this Asturian industrial band which is more widely known beyond our borders. Fasenuova has prepared a workshop structured by melody and rhythm, something like the elementary particles of music, in which the children will be able to learn how to play a synthesiser or a drum machine.

Date: Monday 2 January 2012
Time: 7 pm
Bocata Beach (Chiquita and Chatarra + .tape.)
Chiquita y Chatarra are, at times, a bass and drums duo often associated with the aesthetics of “girls doing rock”. But, in fact, far removed from that cliché, these two Asturians are a real national reference for the development of songs that fluctuate between punk attitude and lo-fi and the most beautiful love songs. Linked to .tape. on other projects related to theatre and  performance, on this occasion, Daniel Romero, using his unique imagination for sound, mixes folk guitars with bleeps, 8-bit sounds with toy instruments and cheap street organs. Along with Patricia and Amelia, they have prepared a special concert, without distinguishing between the public and artists or groups, in which the game and the toys used to make music provide a common language for everyone – mothers and fathers and children- to take part. 

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